8 Untold And Impressive Facts About Cotton Sarees

Who doesn’t have a cotton saree in her wardrobe? It’s THE most essential and common piece in an Indian woman’s wardrobe. The ease of wearing the fabric is a boon to the people residing in the hot climatic conditions in the country. Alas! The same kind of eagerness and pride is fading out.

Most of the young women in India don’t appreciate cotton sarees as they would have done a few decades back. They just don’t realize what an amazing tradition, history, and style they can adorn through such sarees.

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  1. It’s the oldest attire known to mankind in India, by choice.

Do you know sarees have been mentioned even in Indian Vedas written centuries ago? Even though Indians were very well aware of the art of sewing, they preferred loose flowing fabrics out of choice. Cotton sarees and silk saree were the top choices even then because they suit the Indian climate the best.

Next time, you look down on cotton sarees, remember that it’s the best-suited attire according to where you live. You can be most comfortable in it.

calligraphic print sarees


2. Cotton is the most desired fabric for printing

We all are aware of our unified love for printed sarees. But do you know which is the most preferred fabric for printing? It’s the cotton due to its property of high color retention. The printed design on cotton sarees barely fades. The fabric may get worn out due to excessive long time use but the print will stay. That’s the beauty of cotton sarees.

3. Cotton is also preferred due to its durability and strength

Another major reason that contributed to the popularity of cotton is the durability of the fabric. Its strong nature made it a preferred choice for people who craved for a long-lasting fabric that doesn’t get torn off easily.

You can also do any type of embroidery on cotton and it will look perfect without causing any glitches to the creator as well as to the user.

printed cotton sarees below Rs. 1000


4. It’s ideal for summers also because it absorbs the sweat

Cotton sarees may be comfortable to wear in summer but what made it win millions of hearts is something else. It’s the ability to absorb perspiration that people admired in the cotton fabric. The fabric itself makes you feel so cool and calm that you will never want to wear any other fabric if you tried it once.

Add to it the combination of a free-flowing design like a saree and you won’t feel the need to try any other attire. As a college student, I often wondered and even cringed over how women could wear a saree in hot burning summer. But the fact is it actually makes it easier to bear the heat.

5. They’re not a fire hazard

Oops! Am I trying to compare the cotton sarees to some other fabric? I, definitely, am. A lot of women consider wearing a fabric like a cotton tough and not needed. The maintenance required for such a fabric is slightly more than synthetic fabrics.

But here’s the fact – if you’re going to manage your household chores, especially cooking, you must not wear a synthetic fabric. It’s flammable and quite easily catches fire whereas cotton is completely safe.

6. Mamta Banerjee wears only cotton sarees

Mamta Banerjee is a famous politician who is also known to bring a special kind of cotton sarees from Bengal in vogue. It’s because she wears only kind of cotton saree and in one color. You will never see her in a different attire than this. (Reference)

7. Sarees are national dress for women of Bangladesh, but not of India

We feel sarees are the most commonly worn garment in India by women and considering the types and styles available, we think it must be the national dress in India but it’s not. In fact, sarees are the national dress for women in Bangladesh and even in the neighboring country – Nepal, sarees are extremely common and popular.

Indians, nowadays, prefer sarees for special occasions whereas Bangladesh and Nepal see sarees as popular daily wear garments.

8. Seedha pallu is the most common way of draping cotton sarees

Yes! If you were wondering how to drape cotton sarees, you have the answer now. Don’t you?

These are the facts I had to tell you. Do you think you can add something to the list?

Author: Brijraj

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