5 Hacks To Look Slim In Saree Blouse

Are you looking for how to look slim in saree blouse? Over the years, we have shared a lot of ideas on how to look slim in a saree. We have told you about the fabric, designs, draping styles, colors and whatever possible way that could help you hide away the areas of your body you don’t want to look fat. But what about those bulges that appear out of your blouse? And those flabby arms? What can you do about them?

Saree as an outfit

What a lot of us ignore is that a saree is not a one-piece garment. Two most important pieces are saree and the blouse. In our last post, we gave you great hacks on how to look slim in saree, and it was a must for us to share how to look slim in saree blouse.

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So, what can you expect from this post?

  1. We’ve some great ideas on how you can hack your look to look slimmer just by focusing on the blouse.
  2. We tell you about the color, blouse design, and fabric that will make you look slimmer.
  3. We tell you about some secret hacks to help you focus on your problem areas.

How to look slim in saree blouse?

Here’s what you need to know.

  1. Length of the blouse

saree for girlfriend- look slim in saree blouse

It’s the most important factor in hacking your look to appear slimmer. The longer your blouse is, the better chance you have to hide away your problem areas. Don’t be shy to experiment with a long blouse. Thanks to your good luck, the current trend is long blouses that go up to the waist.

If you don’t want to go for such a long blouse, at least go for a length as that of a crop top. It should come at least until the mid of your waist. Avoid the very short blouses as they not only highlight your flabby tummy but also look vulgar after a point.

We all have cringed while looking at the fat aunties in Indian weddings who wear extremely short blouses with sarees. That just doesn’t look good. Don’t do it.

2. Fabric of the blouse

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Now, there’s a fair chance that you may get tricked into thinking that fabric, like a georgette, will be great to look slim in saree blouse. It’s true that georgette and chiffon fabric make you look thinner but only when you wear it as a saree. For a blouse, you’ll need inner lining which would double the fabric and hence, makes it obvious that it won’t help.

Rather pick any fabric that wouldn’t need inner lining. Remember that it may be possible that your expensive party wear saree doesn’t give you that choice, but you don’t always have to wear the blouse that comes with the saree itself. Experiment with other designs and buy the blouse piece separately if you have to.

3. Color of the blouse

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For the color, the same trick works – pick darker shades. Colors like black, bottle green, navy blue, etc. are perfect to help you look way thinner than you actually are.

It’s just the trick of how light reflects and gets absorbed. The way light is absorbed and reflected by darker shades makes your body hide away those bulges you’re not proud of.

4. Wear long-sleeved blouse

tussar silk sarees by brijraj

Pick a saree blouse with long sleeves to hide away the flabby arms. Long sleeved blouses are trending, and there are plenty of options available with little designing on the sleeves. That’s the best you can even imagine. Isn’t it?

Nobody will ever notice that you’re wearing long sleeves due to some other ulterior motive. Everybody is going to see how toned you look and compliment you for that.

Note that you shouldn’t pick designs that have extremely thick embroidery on the arms, or the trick wouldn’t work. Small embroidered motifs here and there will work. Anything other than that will not.

5. Wear a deeper backĀ 

5 Amazing blouse back designs

When you get your blouse stitched, ask your tailor to keep the back slightly deeper than you usually do. The upper area of the back looks great and captures all the attention ensuring that nobody even notices your bulges or problem areas.

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Those are our five tips for how to look slim in saree blouse. We hope it helped you out and you’ll pass this information to your close friends to help them out too.

Author: Brijraj

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