5 Storage Tips For Indian Ethnic Wear

This is the season of festivals and weddings. With so much going around, we all love to dress up in the best of traditional attire. While doing that is fun for sure, but storing such delicate and expensive clothing can be a task at times.

So we thought of making your job easier by putting down some storage tips for Indian ethnic wear. Follow these and you will see for yourself, that storing traditional outfits is not that difficult after all. Read on to know more. beige anarkali suit

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1. Refold the fabric regularly

Ethnic wear tends to get sharp creases when it is folded and stored in closets or wardrobes. So the best thing you can do is to take out the fabric every once in a while, say in a month, and refold it.

This will ensure that the material does not develop any sharp and permanent creases which tend to spoil the appearance. This works particularly well for expensive fabrics such as silk, which is widely used in making sarees and kurtas.

2. Stay away from repellants red wedding lehenga

While one school of thought always teaches us to preserve clothes using chemical repellants, this approach can be rather cynical when it comes to ethnic wear.

Chemicals tend to discolor expensive fabrics and take the original sheen off, making them look lackluster. So one of the best storage tips for Indian ethnic wear is to stay away from these harmful chemicals to preserve your attire.

3. Use muslin cloth for storage 

Muslin is one of the smoothest fabrics. So, our storage tips for Indian ethnic wear must include its mention. Storing the material in a muslin cloth is a splendid idea.

This is all the more significant if you are storing suits or sarees with heavy embroidery and embellishments. Storing in muslin would ensure that the thread of the fabric does not get worn out by coming in contact with some rough edges in the wardrobe itself, or with some other fabric in your closet.

4. Never use hangers

Another storage tip for Indian ethnic wear is to avoid the use of metallic hangers. These tend to spoil the fabric color and also result in the cloth developing sharp creases that can mar the overall appearance.

So the best way out here is to make use of separate cotton bags to store these materials. You can then place all of them in a piece of muslin cloth as already mentioned above.

5. Go easy with the dry-cleaning kangana ranaut in suit and storage tips for indian ethnic wear

While it is true that dry-cleaning works best for Indian ethnic wear, but overdoing it can result in discoloration of the fabrics. Any overdose of chemicals is never useful for maintaining the appearance of expensive materials such as silk.

If you have to wear ethnic attire for a short duration of 4 to 5 hours, you can always air-dry it and keep it back in the closet. Dry-cleaning is not a mandate every time you wear an ethnic outfit.

These are some basic storage tips for Indian ethnic wear. We all spend so much of our hard-earned money on buying these expensive clothes. So obviously we can be a bit more careful when it comes to storing them as well. Meanwhile, wish you a happy festive season and light dressing up!

Author: Brijraj

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  1. This article was very useful and the tips you have told are very nice only few people know about this so thanks for posting this information.
    Please keep posting such informative post.

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    • thank you. We always try to post the information which our clients might find useful. Comments like yours make us think we’re on the right path. 🙂

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  2. very nice description and these are highly useful tips.

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    • Thank you Ekta. We’re glad that you found our tips useful.

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