5 Style Ideas For Women Who Love Glitter

Are you in love with glitter? That sparkle and shimmer just turns you on. If possible, you would have everything around you filled with glitter. And of course, your clothes would be your favorite place to express your love for glitter. But this can be a bit risky. Glitter doesn’t work always.

Worry no more! Here are some style ideas for women who love glitter.  5 Style Ideas For Women Who Love Glitter || http://brijraj.com

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1. Go for a shimmer saree:

If you’re acquainted with one of the most versatile dresses in India i.e. Saree, you’re lucky. Shimmer sarees have been in a trend since a couple of years and look gorgeous on women of all body types. Shimmer Sarees are easily available (Pick the best ones at Brijraj.com) and are affordable. They can be styled very easily for you don’t need tons of accessories to make it look good. Try it! shimmer brijraj saree - style ideas for women who love glitter

2. Glitter nail paint:

If you’ve long manicured nails which you want to show off, then you must show them off with glitter nail paint on them. Many women feel reluctant with this option for glitter nail paint isn’t a good option to wear to office. But you can make it look subtle by teaming it up with a plain dress. Try it!

glitter nail paint

img via flickr

3. Those Glittery Shoes:

Yes, bellies look awesome with glitter. Your normal ballerinas or pumps are going to look more appealing when some shimmer is poured over them. They’re easily available in famous shoe stores and we would definitely recommend you to at least have one pair in your wardrobe if you really love glitter. glitter shoes

4. Dupatta/Scarves:

Another style idea for women who love glitter but don’t want to go overboard with it is to wear a shimmery dupatta or scarf. Dupatta is part of the traditional Indian dressing styles and women usually hoard dupattas in their closet. Why not get some with shimmer or glitter work on them? Scarves also look cool with a shimmery touch to it. This is especially recommended for this fall for glitter looks much better during fall. glittery scarf

5. Shimmery Makeup:

Women love matter makeup but if you’re really serious about your love for glitter, go for makeup that has glitter in it. We recommend this especially when you’re getting ready for a night party or dinner. Shimmery makeup looks awe inspiring when worn at night. The game those lights play with your makeup make it look as if you have just stepped down from heaven. Ask a guy if you doubt this!

make-up for party wear look

Source: pixabay.com

These were our styles ideas for women who love glitter. One piece of advice that is really necessary here is to keep it subtle. Don’t just look like a pixie poured with tons of glitter dust. Never ever combine all of these ideas at once. It just won’t look good and appealing.

We hope you liked our style ideas for women who love glitter and found it useful. Do you have any kind of fashion question you want us to answer? Let us know. If you want to keep it personal, shoot an email to manpreet@brijraj.com and we will answer your queries and keep your name a secret.


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