6 Ways to Pump up Your Saree blouses

Are you in love with Sarees? This gorgeous Indian attire is every woman’s favorite. It accentuates your body parts and makes you look stunning. An important component of this attire is the blouse. The blouse is the Indian version of crop tops that is worn individually with sarees. And saree blouses can have a great impact on your overall appearance. But only if you know how to do that rightly.

Keep reading if you want to understand some surprising techniques that can help you pump up your saree blouses, grab more attention and look more beautified. We’re going to enlist some things you can do with the same old boring saree blouses to make them look ecstatic.

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1. Crystal & Stones:

How about giving your blouses a glittery look by adding up some stones or crystals. We would recommend you to use those on borders and go for fabrics like georgette and chiffon for this. Also, a solid color saree looks fabulous with this kind saree blouses. Keep that in mind.

saree blouse designs with stones

2. Laces:

With the onset of straight suits fashion in India, laces gained, even more, popularity. And they look even more appealing on saree blouses. Use some classy laces on the sleeves of the blouse to get this look.

saree blouse designs with laces

3. Sequins:

These are those cute little objects that come in various shapes and sizes and look appealing on saree blouses. Have you ever tried them? Best fabrics to try this style are velvet, georgette, and cotton.

saree blouse designs sequins

4. Latkans:

Oh! We have been fancying them since a year. Do you want to add some oomph! Factor to your blouse? Are you trying to show off your sexy back? Get some latkans on the blouse and you’re ready for the red carpet.

Indian Ethnic Wear blouse back

Source: www.brijraj.com

5. Cut work and thread work:

Embroidery is the power of Indian clothing. Isn’t it? There are endless ways of experimenting with your saree blouses through embroidery, but our favorites are cut work and thread work. Thread work allows you to get some intricate blouse designs for yourself and are popular in Bollywood. Even cut work was brought to fashion by a Bollywood diva. Can you guess who it was?

saree blouse designs

6. Stylish sleeves and stitching blouse designs:

Even if you’re wearing just a plain solid colored blouse, you have the chance make it look fashionable. That can happen with different blouse designs acquired through creative stitching. We especially love how you can change the entire look of the blouse just by changing the sleeves. Isn’t that great?

saree blouse designs

6 Ways to Pump up Your Saree blouses

These are our six ways to pump up the saree blouses. Tell us if you found these useful. Although we already know that you will we would still like to hear it from you. So, what are you waiting for? Comment down below and if you’re thinking of buying some sarees with sexy blouse designs, check out our designer sarees on our online shopping websites.

Author: Brijraj

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