6 Dressing tips for onam

Onam is a multi-cultural festival celebrated with exciting boat races, breathtaking flower decorations followed by a huge feast known as the Onasadya. The festival brings together all the Keralites and fills the color of joy in their lives.

Within all these celebrations, the smart people of Kerala don’t forget to dress up in beautiful clothes. According to the tradition, people buy new clothes during the Onam festival. For women, the usual dress-up consists of white or off-white saree with a golden border or a churidar of that color.

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But who said you can’t be stylish with this attire? It is simple but provides a large scope of bringing out the fashionista in you. Our dressing tips for Onam are there for your help.

  1. Pick out new outfits creatively while staying true to tradition 

    kerela saree

    Source: imageclix.com

At the occasion like Onam, we would suggest you stick to the tradition but who said you can’t experiment? In our post about sarees you can wear this Onam, we have suggested some sarees which are different than the usual Kasavu Sarees but still maintain the white and off-white look with a golden border. Check it out!

Is it necessary to buy new clothes? According to the tradition, discarding old clothes during Onam symbolizes removal of negative energies. So, yes it is required, and if you have tons of Kasavu Sarees already in your wardrobe, you must look for sarees that are different but still suit the tradition of this festival’s celebration.

  1. What color to wear during Onam?

White and off white with golden border. It is the traditional color that is worn during this occasion, and we would suggest you to wear this color only.

The color of the blouse can be any but green and red are one of the most attractive colors. The classic matching color which is same as of the saree’s color is also a good choice.

kerela saree

Image Source: foundpix.com

  1. Draping Style 

Choose the traditional draping style of the saree because that looks perfect on this occasion. With some things, going with the usual is always the better idea.

Try to bring more attention to the border and it will certainly make you look better.

  1. Hairstyling tips

Women usually prefer to leave their hair open during this time. That’s bad. Free hair is tough to manage in hot and humid weather. Better go for the sixties style and make a bun and use some jasmine flowers to complete the hairdo.

kerela saree with dressing tips for onam

  1. What to wear except the usual sarees?

If you are very determined on not wearing a saree this Onam, our dressing tips for Onam have covered that for you. If you have a strict policy of no saree and no Anarkali suit, go for skirts and maxi dresses. Make sure they have the Kasavu border to keep the look traditional for Onam.

  1. Accessories

For accessories tips, we looked up to the Bollywood celebrities. Big earrings and jasmine flowers are complete. A couple of bangles would also look good.

That is all ladies! These were our dressing tips for Onam. In case, you have some more suggestions for the beautiful divas who read this blog, do let us know in the comments down below.

Author: Brijraj

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