6 Ways To Drape A Lehenga Dupatta

Hola! Are you ready to rock that wedding you’re going to attend? You have chosen a brilliant lehenga, fabulous accessories and have decided on a perfect hairstyle. But wait! What about that Lehenga dupatta? Are you going to drape it in the same old way? Or are you going to let us help!

Find below some of the coolest styles to drape your lehenga dupatta. We have included pictures for your ease! If you’re still looking for a lehenga and like any of the lehengas in the pictures below, you can buy them here.

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Style 1: Drape it like a chunni

This style is inspired by the Punjabi way of draping dupatta with salwar suit. They just let it flow loose and God! That looks cool. We decided to give it a slightly classy touch. So, one end is on the shoulder, carefully placed and pinned up. And the other end has been pleated loosely and put over the wrist.

This will look great if you have a heavy dupatta that you want to show off or a dupatta with big border.

styles to drape a lehenga dupatta

Style 2: Drape it like a saree

This style is certainly meant to give an illusion that you’re wearing a saree. One end is clearly pleated near the waist and then draped around it just like you do with a saree pallu. The other end is set in narrow pleats and thrown over the shoulder.

If you want to show off your waist or need a neat, manageable look, this is an excellent way to drape a lehenga dupatta.

styles to drape a lehenga dupatta

Style 3: Wrap it from the back

In this way to drape a lehenga dupatta, we have tucked one corner of the dupatta at the back (not visible in the picture). From there we have loosely put the dupatta around the below waist section and brought it forward with clean pleats which then move diagonally from the chest to the shoulder and is then left loose. We have picked one corner of the loose end and tucked it again the waist.

Another clean, well-designed way to drape a lehenga dupatta. It is going to look amazing if you’re going to wear a Kamar bandh.

styles to drape a lehenga dupatta

Style 4: Wrap it around the head and let it loose

This is the easiest to achieve the way to drape a lehenga dupatta. All you need to do is pin up the dupatta from the middle on your head and then leave it loose.

It is amazing if you don’t want the dupatta in the front and hide away your beautiful lehenga design.

styles to drape a lehenga dupatta

Style 5: Straight front

We have just cleanly pleated the dupatta and let it come forward from one shoulder. At the back, we have tucked the dupatta in the middle. You can even let it loose.

Want to show your flat tummy and sexy Kamar bandh? Go for this style!

styles to drape a lehenga dupatta

Style 6: Loose on one shoulder

Very easy to achieve the style. Just pin up the border of the dupatta on your shoulder and let it flow loose.

styles to drape a lehenga dupatta

Which style did you like the most? These are our most favorite styles to drape a lehenga dupatta. Tell us which ones are yours!

Author: Brijraj

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