9 Most Popular Types of Salwars You Need To Buy

Salwars are one of the most comfortable attire for women. When teamed up with a long kurta, salwar kameez is one of the most popular traditional dresses in India. They’re especially a rage among young unmarried women and working women. The kind of comfort and ease you get in a salwar kameez is unbeatable.

But are you worried about the style part? Do you think there isn’t much to do with your salwar kameez to look more stylish or just pamper the inner stylist inside you? You’re wrong!

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Salwar Kameez, like sarees, is a very versatile Indian dress and being Indian Ethnic Wear lovers, we’re bound to show you the truth. We’re going to limit today’s discussion with different types of salwars.

The Basic Salwar

The first category is, of course, the basic salwar that is worn by a number of Indian women every single day. These kinds of salwars have frills in front originating from the center and of course the bottom part of salwar is a bit narrower than the rest.

types of salwars


Patiala Salwar

This salwar gets its name from a very famous city in Punjab – Patiala. It is said that Patiala salwar was the royal dress of the king of the city. They’re also called Patiala Shahi salwar since they were worn by the royal families of the place.

In this types of salwars, the pleats start from the waist and make folds behind the legs. This kind of salwar is usually laden with pleats and is kinda heavy to wear. That sort of salwar takes double the length of fabric required to sew a normal salwar. If you’re wondering what fabric will be suitable for Patiala salwar, go for fabric like cotton as it will make the pleats clearly visible.

patiala salwar brijraj


Dhoti Salwar

This types of salwars get its name from the traditional Indian dress for males – dhoti. It consists of numerous pleats that originate in front and go back from the side while making the side look like U-shaped. Thus layers/pleats in this kind of salwar are on the outer side, thereby, giving it a dhoti like a look.

Also, the cuffs are in slanted shape rather than the usual straight shape. Dhoti Salwar is slanted at an angled line that starts from the outer part of the ankle.

It is very loose and comfortable to wear. Another important characteristic of this salwar is that it can be worn all year round depending on the fabric of the salwar. For example, the salwar made of wool can be for winters and cotton one can be for summer.

dhoti salwar types of salwar


Straight Salwar

These are simple salwar with minimum pleats.

straight salwar

Afghani Salwar

This types of salwars get its name from Afghanistan. The cuff of this salwar is wider and narrower than the usual salwar. The cuffs are much broader than the ones shown in the picture. There are several variations of Afghani salwar popular among women.

Brijraj salwar suits


Sharara Salwar

This kind of salwar is a sort of wide leg pants. They look like full skirts but are worn with a drawstring. They are super comfy and look very appealing on women with narrow stature. They’re a big NO NO for women with wide physique but if you want to try them, who are we to stop you!

Trouser Salwar

It is a modern variation of salwar where the salwar looks like trousers. It helps to create an elegant look. These look cool with long kameez. They’re ankle length and are perfect for office wear and young women.

brijraj suits designer suits cotton suits online


Parallel Salwar

These are also salwars which are of the same width from top to bottom. The cuffs can either be embroidered or just plain. They help you create a long sleek look.  They’re usually worn with short kurtas or long kurtas with side/front slits but of course, there’s no limit to the experiments you can do with this style.

types of salwars - parallel salwars

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Palazzo Salwar

We had to update this post to add in this excellent type of salwars that has entered the mainstream fashion. Palazzos were a weird thing before but now they’re the best ones which women are preferring. From Delhi to Mumbai, that’s the latest fashion and you have to opt it for yourself.

brijraj suits designer suits cotton suits online


Apart from these popular types of salwars, there are many other variations like kali salwar, kite salwar, samosa salwar, kumkum salwar, churidar, kajor salwar and so on.

Author: Brijraj

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