Top 5 Bandhani Sarees Online To Buy

Bandhani sarees online are readily available and it’s a relief for people who don’t reside in areas of Rajasthan and Gujarat. Bandhani, also known as bhandej, is a traditional art of dying a fabric. It’s a tie and dye technique in which numerous knots are tied on a fabric and then the fabric is colored/dyed and dried. The more knots you make, the more intricate the design comes out to be.

The art has been popular in India since a really long time. It has left several traces in the Indian history ranging back to the time of Ajanta Caves. The art is so common in Gujarat and Rajasthan that every woman from that area has at least a few pieces of bandhani sarees in her wardrobe. Although, you must know that bandhani fabric goes far beyond sarees. For examples, bandhani dupattas are very popular among young women who wear these with plain suits. You can also find bandhej suits, skirts and trousers.

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To find the best bandhani designs, you may want to pay a visit to Rajasthan or Gujarat. You can find them in the range of Rs. 500 – Rs. 50,000. It may go even beyond that depending upon the richness of the design. You can find bandhani sarees online in varied ranges depending upon the brand and quality of the product. At Brijraj Fashions, they’re available approximately at the price of Rs. 1700. The range is primarily for traditional party wear or wedding wear.

Do you want to have a look at some designs? But let us make us more fruitful for you. With the design descriptions, we have added some stylish tips and tips on how to take care of bhandej sarees. So, enjoy!

Best Bandhani Sarees Online

  1. Mix colors and border strip bandhani sarees

bandhani sarees online

If you’re looking for Bandhani sarees online for occasions like wedding or family functions, the regular print is a bit less accoerding to the occasion. You will need to add a bit of blind to the attire and the perfect way to do so is to have a special border strip on it that runs all over the saree. Now, either you can pick a readymade piece from online shop that has a border of that kind or if you believe in DIYs, you can get the border added afterwards. Both ways are fine as long as you’re doing it.

2. A saree with bhandej print on the pallu

plain saree with bhandej pallu

Although the bandhani sarees are extremely popular in Rajasthan and Gujarat, being a woman from some other region may make you a bit doubtful on whether the print will suit you and the occasion or not. To remove such doubts, you can have a saree that has a Bhandej print just on the pallu. The rest of the saree is a solid colored saree or maybe a combination of two or more colors without any print pattern.

3. Grab half sarees online with bandhani prints

party wear bandhani sarees

A half saree is basically a saree that has two different types of designs. Usually the pallu is of some other fabric or has a different design than the rest of the fabric. So, when we say you can opt for a saree that has pallu in bhandej print and rest of the design is something else, we’re actually giving you a half saree. And instead of keeping the rest of the saree plain like we suggested in last point, you can have a different self design on the saree like this one.

4. Go green! 

green bandhani sarees online

The idea is to get out of the traditional red color and opt for some other colors. Though let us warn you that you may not find a lot of color options in bandhani sarees online or even offline as bandhani print is traditionally done on a select color of fabrics like red, green, blue, yellow and black. Most of the women just go with the red is it’s most popular and almost always looks good on women of Indian skintone. But you must not hesitate to try other colors as well.

5. Different bandhani patterns

bandhani sarees online

Bandhani sarees online are available in various patterns like leheriya (which are basically bhandej print done in vertical or diagonal lines), Mothra ( a cris-crossed badhani pattern that ultimately forms boxes) and Ekdali (which is pattern formed through small circles). We urge you try all these patterns though ekdali designs are our favorite as they best suit party wear and wedding wear.

Those are our five favorite styles for bandhani sarees online. Grab these bandhani sarees designs at our online shop. You should always remember to not use hot iron on these sarees as they lose the print due to use of hot iron. If you have more questions about bandhani sarees, comment below!

Author: Brijraj

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