What Are The Best Fabrics For Summer?

What fabrics for summer will save you from the killing heat and would keep you cool? The comfort and ease is the top priority in summer when it comes to picking clothes as it’s simply impossible to work in an uncomfortable attire or even sit and watch your favorite T.V. show. Don’t you agree?

If you agree and still are not sure, what fabrics for summer should be preferred by you, you need to STOP everything you’re doing right now and read this article thoroughly. We promise there’s no small talk. Just the straightforwardly presented information.

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Prerequisites for choosing top fabrics for summer

  1. Lightweight fabric
  2. Airy fabric
  3. Comfortable

Top fabrics for summer

  1. Cotton

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It’s natural and comfortable. What’s even better is that it’s cheap and affordable. The fabric will help you stay cool and comfy in the summer season. Beware! There are variations of cotton which may not be suitable. For example, cotton silk may not always be the best choice for extremely hot days. Go for pure cotton.

It’s apt for both humid and hot climates. Yes! We understand hot doesn’t always mean dry heat.

The fibers of this fabric are natural and let air circulate freely, making it the most breathable fabric.

Just remember not to put cotton in a dryer. It will shrink.

2. Linen

Linen is extremely light weight and airy. The fabric, just like cotton, lets your skin breathe and is a perfect fabric for wearing those formal wear outfits that kill you otherwise due to excessive heat.

Remember that linen was actually formulated and prepared for hot climates. So, don’t think twice before picking this fabric.

A lot of people worry about wrinkles when it’s about linen. But it’s a part of the beauty of the outfit. And if you want a fix, just sprinkle some water on fabric with a spray bottle and use your hand to remove the wrinkles. It works!

3. Rayon

It’s a man-made fabric that truly competes with the top two best fabrics for summer – the cotton and linen.

What makes it a preferable fabric is how it can imitate much more expensive (and not great for summer) fabrics like silk and wool. It can also be prepared to resemble cotton and linen.

It works best in dry heat. Skip it in a humid weather as it’s not a natural fiber which makes it ineffective in the humid climate.

4. Georgette

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It’s sheer and airy. It’s the most popular fabric amongst Indian women and the best part it is perfect for big occasions like weddings, important parties and likewise events.

5. Chambray

Chambray is typically a woven cotton material. The only difference it has from the typical cotton is the way threads are woven.

But it’s typically cotton so you know why we’re suggesting it. Remember that chambray pretty much looks like denim so it is perfect for pant style suits.

6. Blends

Blends are created from any of the fabrics like cotton, nylon, rayon and polyester. It’s a synthetic fiber and is apt for humid climates. Think of the fibers you pick for your gym wear. They’re synthetic because they don’t get spoiled with sweat like a cotton or any normal fabric would.

Add to it the fact that such synthetic blends never lose their shape and require almost no maintenance. Of course, you will need to wash them every once a while for your own hygiene.

7. Khadi

Khadi hasn’t been a popular fabric in the country but ever since the Prime Minister kicked off the Swadeshi moment, people are realizing how amazing this fabric is, especially for summer.

It is perfect for hot weather and very easy to maintain. For those of you who love coarse fabrics, this is the one.

These are the top 7 fabrics for summer that you must have in your wardrobe this season. Be cool and comfortable!


Author: Brijraj

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