5 Best Hairstyles For Punjabi Suits

“Hor Bai kidda?” How are you? I see, you’re looking for best hairstyles for Punjabi suits. I don’t want to blabber and make you read useless stuff. Let’s come to the point. Here are some of the best hairstyles for Punjabi suits. Take a look! (For shopping for best Punjabi suits, visit our online store).

1. A messy bun with side braids and front partitions

Punjabis don’t like mediocrity. They are awesome people, and they like that shine in their hairstyles as well. So, when an average person would just think of a bun, they will want a lot more than that. A hairstyle that has three attention points is perfect. Let me explain the hairstyle a bit. You do the center partition. You make a fishtail/french/directly roll your hair and pin them at the backside of your head. You wrap up the rest of your hair in a bun. Let the loose ends flow to show some swag. Pair it with pant style suits which are a craze in Punjab currently.

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Pant style party wear suits

2. Traditional braid with flowers on it

Let’s not forget the traditional Punjabi hairstyles. The first one is the plain braid which every Punjabi mom loves to see on her daughter (and they love too much oil in the hair). You just need to do a simple braid. But unless you’re going to a school, you need to make it better. So, do thin multiple braids at the top and then follow with the simple braid. You will have a beautiful mesh of braids just near your head, and it will look fantastic. Decorate your long braid with some flowers (not the real ones, gota style traditional accessories like the one you see in the picture below.) Read more about trending hairstyles for suits.

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3. Loose waves with lacha/ghagra

Lacha is a type of skirt that is worn by Punjabis. You can often see it in Punjabi folk dances or during the jaago night at Punjabi weddings. Two hairstyles look incredibly gorgeous with that kind of dress. Either it’s a long braid finished up with a praandi (Punjabi hair accessory) or it’s loose wavy hair. If you’re going for a bit modern look, go for the latter.

nargis fakhri beige anarkali suit

4. Simple loose bun when you’re going to keep it covered

Women in Punjab, especially newlyweds, like to cover their head to show respect to the elders. Now, I come to hate that style when they do a large bun studded with stones and what not and then put their dupatta over it. Most of the times, the dupatta is see-through, and that piece of art looks like shit. So, when you’re going to keep your head covered or drape the dupatta as shown in the picture below, you must go for a plain bun. Keep it loose and neat. That’s one of my favorite hairstyles for Punjabi suits.

dupatta draping styles #17

5. Neat ponytail with center partition

It may be a bold look for Bollywood divas but it’s an evergreen party wear hairstyle in Punjab. It’s perfect even for daily wear. Now, let me give you some tips about this hairstyle. It may only look like a center partition at the front and a pony tail at the back. But you wouldn’t look as hot as Shraddha Kapoor with such a look. It’s because the simplicity of the hairstyle makes us forget the need for prepping up the hour. Your hair must have the natural bounce as well as it must have enough hair spray on to keep those loose ends out of sight. So, be careful when you’re wearing this hairstyle. It’s not as simple as it seems to be.

shraddha kapoor brijraj suits

There you go! I have given you five best hairstyles for Punjabi suits. Which one did you like the most?



Author: Brijraj

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