5 Tips To Buy Bridal Lehengas Online

What do you when you’re sick of reading tips on how to buy bridal lehengas online? You have already made uncountable trips to major branded stores and local areas around you, and you just cannot find the right piece. If you find it, it’s ALWAYS out of your budget.

That’s when modern brides like us look to buy bridal lehengas online. But is it easy? Is it a fruitful activity for the majority of the women?

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Gone are the days when people used to say that they can’t shop for major occasions online. I mean, what’s wrong? You can purchase a dress, get it delivered to your doorstep and then return it if you don’t like. That’s a simple procedure which if kept in mind, will never let that thought pester the spirit of smart individuals.

Moreover, you get to do a lot of research, take your time with shopping and also, see more variety and get more discounts in lowest prices. So, now you have become smarter. You know it’s a great decision to buy bridal lehengas online.

Let me share some tips on how to pick the best!

  1. Focus on heavy blouse and dupatta

The design is the most important aspect of choosing a bridal lehenga. Think about what kind of design you want. You must have some idea in your mind, or you will get puzzled when you start looking for lehengas.

If you’re shopping on a budget, you should think of the most crucial areas of design. For example, choli and dupatta are the components of a bridal outfit that get maximum coverage in wedding photos. The biggest blunders brides make is to pick an outfit that has little to no embroidery on choli or dupatta.

Lehenga is undoubtedly a crucial component of a bridal outfit but if you go light on the lehenga design and focus on choli and dupatta, you will not only have better photos but also will be able to buy a bridal lehenga in lesser price as the most expensive component of a bridal lehenga is also the lehenga. If you cut down on the embroidery on lehenga, you will get a lehenga at a lower price.

buy bridal lehengas online

  1. Go for richer fabrics than richer embroidery

The problem with rich embroidery is it’s confined to certain areas of an outfit. For example, embroidery maybe on the border of the lehenga or on the bottom and if by chance, you want a lehenga that has heavy embroidery ALL OVER IT, it gets extremely expensive. You wouldn’t want to spend so much on an outfit you will wear probably once or twice in your entire life.

Let me suggest you a way to deal with this issue – pick fabrics like brocade or banarasi silk. Such fabrics have self-design or self-weaving work that itself looks great. So, even when the embroidery is on a certain portion of the lehenga, your whole outfit seems to have a design that’s adorable and stunning.

  1. Add some accessories later on

If you think the dupatta is too plain but the lehenga is otherwise great from all aspects – design, price, overall appeal, then buy it. I don’t want you to compromise on dupatta either. Rather turn into a designer yourself and grab some laces and latkans to customize the dupatta.

If you’re bad at it, ask for help from any elderly woman in your house. Trust me! They’re pros at getting these gottas, laces and latkans added to outfits to lift up their entire appeal.

  1. Pick lehengas design according to your size

Buy bridal lehengas online

One thing that worries a lot of women who want to buy bridal lehengas online is whether it would look good on them or not. They can try lehengas while shopping from a brick and mortar store but not from an online store until they actually purchase the product.

The trick to overcoming this obstacle is to shop according to your body type. The motifs you choose must be according to your physique. For example, if you’re a bit heavy, go for smaller motifs. If you’re thin, go for bigger motifs. It’s as simple as that but makes a huge difference.

  1. Shopping tips

It’s time to share actual shopping tips. How to find best websites to shop from? How to know it’s a good website? How to know you won’t regret your decision of purchasing a bridal lehenga online?

Read the policies of a website. Does it offer a return policy? Do they offer a full refund or just give you a coupon to keep your money stuck with their accounts? Do they offer free delivery? Who pays for the return? Do they offer cash on delivery? Are they a trustworthy brand? Since when they’re in business?

All these questions will help. So, go ahead and START SHOPPING!

Author: Brijraj

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