Coolest Saree Drapes For Modern Women

Your prayers have been answered. You are about to find out about the coolest saree drapes for modern women. We assure you that you’re going to find five of the most amazing saree drapes ideas in this post.

But don’t expect to find out the usual Bengali draping style, Gujarati draping styles and so on. We have already covered those basics in our post on saree draping styles.

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At the same time, don’t expect to find a misguiding article that would suggest you wear a saree with a legging or palazzo or absurd stuff like that in the name of draping. I mean, it is how you style a saree does not drape it. There’s a minute, but a serious difference in it with a random person writing content on Indian ethnic wear wouldn’t know.

Coolest Saree Drapes For Modern Women

  1. Dupatta style saree drapes

Hats off to Indian women who have made Indian dressing an art. The way the 9 yard of material is wrapped around a thin body and the pleats and designs that come out as a result of that is just unbelievable but ultimately real. Now, the fusion looks are hot and Indian women have found a way to manage their saree in a way to make it seem like a normally draped saree on one side and from the other, it’s like a dupatta is draped. We also have dupatta draping styles that you might want to check.

Talking about the saree drapes we suggested just now, you wear the saree just like a normal one and have the pallu pinned up on the shoulder and let it flow at the back. The real work starts here. You take that free flowing pallu. Pick it from one corner and wrap the other one over it and pin it around your wrist. Viola! You have an amazing royal saree draped for you. Enjoy the compliments!

saree drapes

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2. Free flowing pallu from the back

Are you going to a fashion show? Or maybe you’re going to be with the coolest fashionistas of your city, and you want to look as good as anybody else. How can you do that? You ought to show those curves and the way you can do it by draping the pleats like usual. Instead of pulling the pallu over your bust and putting it on your shoulder, you do the pleats and then wrap the saree around your waist. Bring it to the back of your shoulder and let it flow!

modern saree drapes

3. Modern saree drapes

It’s another dupatta-like modern saree drape. It is the easiest to do and can be handled really easily. You make the pleats, and instead of pulling up the pallu to your shoulder, you wrap it around your neck and let it flow on the same side. It looks like dupatta but obviously, is a really nice way to drape your saree to have a modern look. It’s especially great to style with farewell sarees as it has that girlish vibe to it.

tussar silk saree by brijraj

4. Full cover draping style

Do you want to look slim in sarees? If you want that and want to dress up in a modern way at the same time, this saree drape is for you. It’s one of the saree drapes for women who want to look thin or hideaway those tires or bloated tummy. You do the pleats, and instead of pulling the pally on your shoulder, you let it rest on your left arm. You pull the pally from back and pin it up on your left shoulder from the front. You just pin the corner and let the pallu fall covering your front.

saree drapes for modern women

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5. Grab a cape

 Sarees with capes look amazing, but women often wonder how to drape the saree to go well with the cape. You just wear it like normal underneath the cave or roll it for a narrow pallu style. That’s it. It was pretty simple. Wasn’t it?

cape saree draping style

So, that’s how you do it! Saree drapes that are for modern women and we’re sure you loved these. If you did, do comment below and let us know. Don’t forget to shop for some new sarees to experiment with new drapes. You can log on to our website and check out the new saree collections.


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