5 Unconventional Dandiya Dresses Ideas

If you’re looking for a traditional dandiya dress, you’re at a wrong place. You should look here. It has all the information you require to dress up for Navratri in a traditional and authentic manner. But if you’re just bored with the Chania Choli you have been wearing since years, you landed at the right place. Now, the dresses I am going to show you are broadly classified as lehengas. But these lehengas are different than the typical Chania Cholis. These are for the rebel inside you who wants to try some different designs. So, if you want to take a look at these, keep reading. (Note: All the designs are available at Brijraj.com. Message us on live chat in case you can’t find any. Help is always offered at Brijraj to whoever needs it #HarryPotterReference 😉 )

To be clear, these are just ideas. You don’t need to buy the same dress. I would love it if you shop from us but even if you don’t, we feel satisfied by sharing whatever we know with you. Thanks for stopping by.

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Grab some colorful dandiya dresses

Colorful dandiya dresses

All the festivals like Navratri and Diwali are celebrations. And colors are an important part of celebrations everywhere around the globe. Imagine yourself in a dress that’s as colorful as the occasion! Those are the kind of clothes that serve as excellent alternatives to traditional dandiya dresses.  They have extensive colorful thread work on them, and the dupatta is relatively simple with designs at the borders as you will mostly roll it and tuck it to free you for all the enthusiastic dancing. Right?

Bless yourself with lightweight lehengas

lightweight dandiya dresses at Brijraj

Lightweight lehengas are the best dandiya dresses. I think we all will agree to it. The whole enthusiasm about the festival and dressing up for it is because of the dandiya nights. You want to dance and light lehengas with minimal embroidery on them will let you sizzle. But as we still can’t give up being stylish, the blouse and the bottom of the lehenga must have exquisite embroidery to produce a ravishing look. That’s what you need to buy if you plan to dance A LOT.

Adopt the velvet trend

Trendy dandiya dresses by Brijraj

Nights are getting colder, and just when I typed it, I remembered how it honestly doesn’t matter during the dandiya nights. The halls are so stuffed, and you keep sweating all the time. I know, but a light velvet blouse is still something you should consider wearing. It’s because velvet is the coolest fall fashion trend and if you don’t flaunt it now, when will you? Don’t make the mistake of trying a velvet lehenga. It will be too heavy to handle. Just try it on the blouse.

Let yourself twirl to make an impression

Dandiya Dresses by Brijraj

I think I am thinking more about American bestseller novels than the question in hand – best dandiya dresses to wear this year. But here’s the next idea I have for you. Pick a dress that will make people gasp when you twirl. Dandiya is all about moving and letting the flares do the talking and if all the ideas mentioned earlier are not your cup of tea, you ought to try it. Pick any design you like but just make it a point to have a lehenga that has a real flare when you twirl in it. That’s it.

Go feathery light with printed lehengas

Printed dandiya dresses

It wasn’t fair to end the post without mentioning the best type of lehenga as dandiya dresses. Think of a beautifully printed lehenga full of colors and liveliness but as light as if you’re wearing a traditional printed kurti. I mean how cool is that! You can have a beautiful design appropriate for a festive night like Dandiya and still feel extremely at ease. I would die over such a dress. And I mean it.

What about you? I hope you liked my ideas for dandiya dresses. If you did, please comment below.


Author: Brijraj

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