Different styles of draping a saree

Oh! We had waited for this post for a very long time. Brijraj is all about suits and sarees. Well, there’s much more but for now, let us just talk about sarees. Keeping aside the boring talks about fabrics and designs, let us talk about different styles of draping a saree. Do you know that just by altering the draping style, you can give an entirely different look to your saree? In fact you can give a new look to your old saree. Yes, that is possible. How? Just have a look at our list of different styles of draping a saree.

1. The traditional way of draping a saree

We had to start our list with the most common way of wearing a saree. The actual traditional style in which  saree is draped once around the waist and then pleats are formed and then it is tucked in the middle facing the left side. The remaining cloth (pallu) is slung over the left shoulder.

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zarine khan in sarees different style of draping a saree

2. Bengali Style of draping a saree

A bengali saree is draped without pleates and is drawn back to right side and pallu is slung over the left shoulder. Actresses like Rani Mukherji, Vidya Balan and of course the Bengali Beauty Bipasha Basu has made this saree even more popular. Won’t you try it?

B 707-1271

3. Gujarati style of draping a saree

The pleates face right instead of left in this very different style of saree. The pallu also comes from back to front instead of front to right. Look at the saree at the right!

502 7013 A-B

4. Mumtaaz style of draping a saree

Who can forget the legendary actor Mumtaz? Try out this amazing way of wearing a saree. Look at this black saree worn in Mumtaaz style.

B 707-1262-1263

5. Different ways of taking pallu

Adopting different pallu styles can make your saree look completely different. Have a look –

 B 520 9128

This way of wearing a saree is very uncommon and that’s why you must try it out.

682 series Asha-C (1)

Don’t you think this pallu looks very very classy and elegant?

682 series Stuti-E

How about this blue saree?

B 502 7003 A-B

What if instead of taking the pallu from the front in your traditionally draped saree, you take it from the back.

B 678-9631-B

Do you have a saree with a border? Wear it this way then.. show off your toned body.

B 701 31016

This are just a few ways of wearing a saree. There are hundreds of styles in which you can drape your saree. Share it with us if you know a different way…We are waiting 🙂

Author: Brijraj

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