Don’t make these 6 makeup blunders

Do you want to look your best for the part you’re going to attend this weekend? Or maybe you want your makeup to look flawless while you work in office all day long. While making efforts to accomplish a similar kind of motive, some women make mistakes. They’re so bad that we can’t just let them go. They’re unforgivable.

But at the same time, those mistakes are a lesson in disguise. You can learn from them and use them for your betterment. Here are some of the biggest makeup blunders you should avoid.

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  1. Choosing a shade lighter than your skin tone

Most of the women, especially in India, choose the wrong shade of makeup. Be it the foundation or a concealer, they just don’t make enough effort to find the right shade. Some are guilty of deliberately buying a lighter shade because they think it’ll make them look ‘fair.’ Rather, this mistake makes them look unnatural and ugly. What’s the way out? Take time to pick the makeup shade. Go to your favorite makeup store, and ask for all the shades. Then try each of them one by one. See which one just blends in your face effortlessly. That’s the right shade for you.

picking up the right shade

  1. Matching everything

From red nails to red lips to red eye shadow, some women do go overboard while trying to match things. Add up the bright and bold colors like red or blue; you cannot expect to look anything less than a cartoon. Matching looks good but matching EVERYTHING doesn’t.

  1. Too bold makeup colors

It’s one of the biggest makeup blunders women make. To be up-to-date, women experiment with new bold shades. But experiments go horribly wrong sometimes. Wearing a dark blue eye shadow with a smoky look to office wouldn’t make you look any good. Rather, it will shock the people around you for you’ll totally be ‘overdressed.’ Bold makeup colors do look good but only when they suit your complexion and occasion.

makeup shades

  1. Makeup colors that don’t suit you

The last few words compel us to mention another one of the makeup blunders women make. It’s choosing the makeup colors that don’t suit you. It’s exactly like choosing the wrong shade of foundation or concealer. Instead of making you look better, it’ll make you look worse.

  1. Not blending it enough

Makeup is all about blending. Whatever product you use, you must blend it well. If you don’t, it’ll look cakey and not good at all. So, when women forget to blend in their bronzer or different shades of eye shadow, we die a slow death. Why wear makeup if you can’t spend enough time to apply it properly?

not blending the makeup enough

  1. Wearing too much makeup

We all know those makeup fans that love putting on layers upon layers of makeup on the face. They treat their face like a cake base. The more icing you put on, the tastier it becomes. WRONG! Loading your face with layers of makeup isn’t good at all. It makes you look artificial and come on girls! Isn’t it gross? The makeup transfers to anything your face touches. No one likes that.

Let’s not forget that all of us can make mistakes. What wise women do is learn from the mistakes and correct them. Tell us if you’ve made a major makeup blunder.

Author: Brijraj

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  1. Very well described, many many women do the same mistake. I also like light makeup but which suit with my face. Over you ll look like a cartoon 😛

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    • That’s the way anyone should do makeup – something that will suit her not someone else.

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  2. Wow that’s a great post with informative content. Which information you have shared in this blog it’s very valuable for those women who choose wrong shade of foundation.

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  3. Hi Sir,
    According to me,this article on makeup mistakes is so helpful for females.
    After reading this article,it is so easy to choose the exact shade for their skin tone because the color of product depends upon the skin complexion.
    I am very much sure that after reading these points,nobody will commit these mistakes.
    Thank you very much for such information.

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  4. I loved your tips, the blog is fantastic!
    After all it is always good to learn new techniques and do a different makeup!
    You have gained a new reader!

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