Traditional Dressing Tips For Summers

The summer season has arrived in full swing in almost all parts of the country. Weathering the scorching sun all day can take its toll on the body, and therefore, it becomes all the more imperative to dress according to the season. While the shorts and the tees are a huge favorite this season, traditional dressing can also be equally comfortable if chosen properly. Let us go through some interesting traditional dressing tips for summers, and see how we can bear the heat, and yet adorn our favorite ethnic attire.

  1. Cotton fabric all the way

Whether it is a saree, or a salwar kameez, or even a kurti paired with a churidar, cotton fabric is your best bet. Cotton is very comfortable to wear, is easy on the skin, and helps to keep the body relatively cool on warm days. Pick a variety of stuff in cotton and you will just love the magic this fabric weaves in the summers. Check out our website for cotton sarees.

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  1. Shun the synthetics altogether

By far the most important thing to keep in mind when it comes to traditional dressing tips for summers is to avoid the synthetic fabrics completely. We all love our chiffons and crepes for sure, but they are a big no during the summer season. They do not let the sweat dry up easily, and can cause a lot of discomfort to the wearer because of the way they are textured.

  1. Go for light hues

Summer season is the time to do away with your fetish for bright, glitzy, and bold colors. The navy blues and blacks can always find their way into your closet during the winters, but are a big no for the summers. Instead, you should go for pastel hues. Light shades in pink, green, orange, blue, and yellow look really gorgeous. A pink colored kurti or a black one that makes the heat unbearable? You know what to choose!

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  1. Say no to embroideries and embellishments

Embroideries and embellishments only add volume to fabric, and will make you feel warmer than normal in summers. So as a best practice in traditional dressing tips for summers, we suggest that you try the abstract or floral prints instead. Cotton sarees with elegant designs are the perfect way to ward off the summer heat.

  1. Scarves and stoles to make you look stylish

You can pair your salwar kameez or kurti churidar with a beautiful cotton scarf or a stole. They serve a dual purpose: a practical headgear to cover yourself as you go around in the scorching heat, and also as a trendy style accessory. You can also experiment with the knots in scarves and stoles, and get that perfect chic look! An excellent way to stay cool, isn’t it?

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  1. Kohlapuris and mojris

Summers are the perfect time to flaunt your lovely Kohlapuris or mojris as your favored choice of footwear.  These complement ethnic wear well and are very comfortable to wear too. The variety of designs and colors is just amazing, and you can pick what you love. So you can get a traditional one in shades of brown, or one with a particular color like an orange or a pink to match the color of your outfit.

  1. Accessories can be the game changer

Traditional dressing for summers will never be complete without the mention of accessories. It is critical that you choose the right ones according to the weather. Neckpieces are best avoided during this season as they can cause irritation on the skin. Instead, a better option would be to go with a signature pair of danglers for the ears, and look stylish! Also, it is important to wear sunglasses every time you venture out. Directly exposing the eyes to the sun can be damaging and we are sure you don’t want to take a chance with that!

In a nutshell, our traditional dressing tips for summers are all about keeping it light. Make the simple choices, and you will feel fresh, stylish, and yet classic in this scorching heat!

Author: Brijraj

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