Everything you need to know about poly georgette fabric

Do you know enough about the most popular fabric in the fashion industry at present? Do you know where it came from, what’s the best use of it and how to take care of it? What do you know about poly georgette fabric?
Worry no more! This post is your guide to everything you need to know about the very popular poly georgette fabric.

What is Georgette?

With an overall bouncy look, georgette is a light-weight, sheer fabric which was traditionally made from silk but now uses polyesters as well. Georgette is very easy to dye due to its strong absorbent quality and has a dull, rough texture. The fabric is now widely used around the globe especially in women wear. It is especially popular with Indian wear because of its fine bouncy look.

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drashti dhami in poly georgette suit
The threads that are used to make the georgette fabric are highly twisted which cause them to crinkle as they are relaxed. Although the weave of georgette is tight, but the overall appearance of the fabric is sheer because of the thinness of the threads. Also, because of thin fabric, it gets lightweight and works perfect with layering.
Unlike a few fine silks, georgette is a strong fabric which makes them easy to wear. When it comes to weaving the fabric, it is in two forms: pure georgette and faux georgette. The pure georgette is woven out of silk yarns while faux georgette is woven from either rayon or polyester.

Origin & History

The poly georgette fabric has its roots in French History. In the 20th century, Madame Georgette de la Plante introduce this tender. It was widely used in 1915. It is believe that the main source of inspiration behind this fabric is chiffon and that might be the reason why poly georgette is quite similar to chiffon fabric. However, there are certain differences as well.

heena khan in poly georgette suit

Difference between georgette and chiffon

Here are the differences between these two fabrics:

  • Georgette is less lustrous than chiffon. Georgette fabric is a bit dull.
  • Georgette is more opaque than chiffon.
  • Chiffon has a softer finish as compared to georgette.
  • Georgette is springier.
  • Chiffon is even lighter than georgette.
  • Smaller yarns with high twists make up chiffon whereas georgette has slightly larger yarns.
  • Georgette is more durable than chiffon.

Types of georgette

Apart from the usual pure and faux georgette, here are various types of georgette:

  • Poly ester georgette
  • Silk georgette
  • Nylon georgette
  • Viscose georgette
  • Satin georgette
  • Jacquard georgette

shilpa shetty in poly georgette brijraj suit

Who should wear poly georgette?

If you’re wondering whether this fabric would be right choice for you or not, here are some tips.

  • Georgette is best for the people of slightly conservative nature who think chiffon is too translucent and would prefer a slightly more opaque material.
  • Georgette is a clingy and flowing fabric and brings out the best features of your body. It looks really good on curvy figure.
  • Due to its bouncy look, georgette looks best with gowns, sarees etc.
  • If you want a fabric that can be easily handled while you wear it and can also be maintained easily, poly georgette is your thing.
  • Check out our post on why you should own a poly georgette saree for more such tips on why you should get this fabric for yourself.

pink poly georgette suit by brijraj

How to take care of poly georgette?

Here are some tips on how to take care of poly georgette fabric.

  • Go for hand wash and mild detergent and cold water.
  • Do not dry the fabric in direct sunlight.
  • Do not machine dry the fabric.
  • Some more things you need to know about poly georgette fabric
  • Pure georgette is the most costly form of georgette while other forms of georgette, especially poly georgette, is quite inexpensive.
  • Traditionally georgette was only meant for royal families due to its high price. But with the advance of poly georgette, georgette has now become one of the most common and widely worn fabric in the world.
  • Faux georgette is quite rough. The pure one is relatively soft.

Do you think we missed something? Let us know.

Author: Brijraj

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