5 Excellent Dressing Tips For Eid

It’s the blissful day that comes once a year and calls for enjoyment and a day full of amazing things. From food to dresses, everything must be perfect. Do you know what’s the most popular thing that gets sold due to this festival? They are too – fabrics and bangles. Why not? It’s a day to enjoy and you must look your best. No?

For the same reason, we’re going to share some excellent dressing tips for Eid. They’ll help you understand what’s trending, what you should wear and help you make a better choice. Don’t worry! If you’ve already done your shopping, these tips can still help. If you haven’t done it yet, then head over to Brijraj.com for Anarkali Suits For Eid and start shopping!

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What kind of Anarkali suits For Eid should you pick?

1. Go for laces ladies!

Anarkali suits with laces are an amazing combination. Laces give a pompous festive look to an outfit and simply shouldn’t be missed this year. Beware! If you’re going to wear laces, here are some tips you must know of!

  1. Don’t wear chunky necklaces or earrings with a laced dress. Let the laces do the talking and keep jewellery minimal.
  2. Don’t go overboard with laces. If you’re wearing a lace two-piece dress like a salwar suit, make sure only one – either the salwar or the kameez has the lace. Both will look bad.
  3. Don’t compromise with quality. Low quality laced dress look cheap and worn out. They will simply not give you the desired look.
  4. Try different colors.

There you have it. Laces are no longer for brides and red-carpet dresses. Laces are now being worn by normal women like me and you are very enthusiastic about fashion. Go grab some lace dress now (or if you have them, tweet us the pictures @brijraj_fashion.

anarkali suits for eid by brijraj

2. Pick vibrant colors to honor the spirit of the festival

Come on! It’s a festival. You should simply not pick dull colors. You dress must reflect that lively and joyous feeling you would have in your heart that day. A sparkling dress full of glitter and shiny stones can also be something you should consider. Experiment with colors. Pick the ones you haven’t gone for before but just don’t pick dull boring shades. Don’t!

Brijraj Anarkali Suits For Eid

3. Use embroidered suits to express your happiness

Now that we talked of stones, let us warn you what’s really trending! It’s embroidery. Those chunky pieces created through the fine threads, weaved for hours to create a brilliant design are being loved. Why shouldn’t they be? They reflect tradition and values. They have that vivacious appeal. Dresses with embroidered sleeves, back embroidery or embroidered capes are the newest this season.

anarkali suits for eid

4. Show off your beautiful bangles with the quarter or half sleeves

If you’re buying a dress, this is still important as some dresses are just not meant for particular kind of sleeves. Now, what’s a thing you cannot miss on Eid? Buying new bangles! What would be the use of those bangles if you’re not going to flaunt those? The only way to do that is wearing a suit with the quarter or half sleeves so that your arms can stand out with those beautiful noisy bangles.

dressing tips for eid

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5. Length of the suit is important

If you’re wearing a suit, you must take some time to decide what length do you want. Is it a floor length Anarkali suit you’re going to buy? If you’re tall, it will certainly look good. If you’re a bit short, go for long Anarkali suits. You can also pick short length Anarkali suits but keep in mind the fact that short length would make you look shorter and plump. Clearly such kinds of dresses won’t suit people who are short in height and are fat. Didn’t mean to offend anyone but the truth has to be said by someone. No?

latest anarkali suits for girls

Floor-length Anarkali Suit

red cotton fabric anarkali

Long Anarkali Suit

Brijraj Designer Suits

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Here you go! You have our five excellent dressing tips for Eid to help you dress up better and decide better. We would be delighted to hear from you. Tell us if you liked these tips or not. Comment!

Author: Brijraj

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