What Farewell Saree Is Best For You?

Are you looking for a farewell saree? You can find the best design ideas here. And if you wish to shop, go ahead, click the links and start shopping. But before you move further, let me warn you. You won’t find any flashy over-the-top embroidered saree here. I have five simple designs that are perfect as a farewell saree. Wearing gaudy heavily embroidered sarees doesn’t make you look like a school or college pass out. It makes you look like a 40-year old auntie who just can’t wear subtle dresses that would suit a particular occasion. There I said it! I couldn’t find milder words to state this fact. There are so many girls who would pick a saree like that and I pity them.

For you, I have some fabulous farewell saree ideas, and I urge you to look at them with a mind of college/school girl who wants to look really good and classy. You will need a good sense of fashion to right accessories for these sarees to have a perfect look. I will certainly mention how you can style these farewell sarees.

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  1. A beautiful floral embroidered saree or a darker one

It’s my least favorite kind of farewell saree, but it will look really good on tall women with a sleek figure. If you have the small bust, you better go with a saree like the ones depicted in the picture. You need a broader border, and floral embroidery is perfect. Remember that embroidery should be girlish and not something like zari or stone embroidery. Pick bright colors as much as possible. But if you can’t deal with bright colors at all, pick a mix of colors as the pictures on the right.

You can let the pallu flow or layer it up and pin it on your shoulder. Leave the pallu free-flowing if you have some bulges you want to hide. If you have a good curvy figure, pin the pallu for sure. For accessories, you can pick subtle pearl accessories. Just a single thread necklace will be good. Leave your hair open, and that’s all. You can wear a bracelet or a watch in one of your wrists. Wear heels, and you have the proper farewell saree. Get it here.

floral embroidered farewell saree

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2. A cute yellow farewell saree

First of all, you should know that floral print makes you look extremely girlish and stylish. That’s why you see the flowers all around. There’s something magical about a yellow saree for farewells. Remember those Bollywood movies where you saw the actress sizzling in a yellow saree? It has a perfect mix of bright colors mixed with feminine tones. I just adore it and you should too. You can pair such a farewell saree with long earrings and a bracelet. A ring would also be nice if you want to wear it. Leave your hair free-flowing and add a good pair of pumps to complete the look.

1111 15452

1111 15452

3. A saree straight from bollywood

Why not wear a saree straight from the Bollywood? We all look up to Bollywood movies for fashion trends, and Bollywood actresses are our style icons. Aren’t they? Then why not wear such a saree to the farewell. Not all Bollywood sarees will be good as a farewell saree. For example, I wouldn’t recommend Dabangg 2 collection for wearing on a farewell. But this Lingaa collection is extremely young and feminine. Go for it.

Lingaa Saree Collection by Brijraj

4. A fabulous designer saree

If you’re the ‘IT’ girl of the college, I know you wouldn’t settle for anything less. You need a fabulous designer saree which is unmatchable. A plain saree with the exciting designer touches is an obvious choice. Who doesn’t consider Sonam Kapoor as a style icon? Sonam Kapoor fashion is an inspiration for many, and here you have a chance to wear the real designer dress from one of her movies. That’s what “IT’ girls in colleges wear. Go for it.

sarees for monsoon by brijraj

5. Abstract printed saree

Here’s to that beautiful woman who concentrated more on studies than on anything else. You are more clueless on what to wear than anyone else. There’s just a simple answer to this complicated and overwhelming question – an abstract printed farewell saree. Abstract prints are hot, and you will look gorgeous in that. The saree is easy to style. Go for oxidized earrings and bracelet. That’s it.

abstract saree prints

There you have it! I gave you five amazing ideas on the kind of farewell saree you can wear. Click on the links if you want to shop for the same saree or take a look at more farewell sarees. Did I miss something? Comment down below, and I will answer right then!


Author: Brijraj

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  1. Hi there,

    Gorgeous collection of saree indeed. Each one comes with stunning look and there are many things to fall in these saree.

    If someone ask me to select one from the above then I wouldn’t like choose anyone because I would like to have all. A cute yellow farewell saree is perfect in look and every women would like to wear it. Each one comes with an amazing look and color. As it is seen women love to wear the trendy saree that suits better of them. So, these are the well selected saree to fulfill their need before selecting saree.

    I highly recommend to get these saree for women as soon as possible. I became fan of your site because it presents the wonderful saree as time need.
    – Ravi.

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    • Wow! Those are some amazing words that we have been wanting to read since so long. Thanks for this. And thanks for sharing our post on social media. Highly appreciate that. I am curious about the link you left. What’s it about? Mail me at manpreet@brijraj.com

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