Hairstyle Ideas For The Workplace

The modern woman is no more the conventional homemaker that we all knew, but a fiercely independent working woman who knows what she wants. As much as appearances matter, a well-done hairdo that exudes grace, charm, and confidence, is equally compelling in the workplace. So today, we have put together some interesting hairstyles for the workplace for you. These are graceful and sophisticated, and will add that aura of confidence as you go about accomplishing tasks at your office desk. So let’s get started!

  1. Buns for those important business meetings

Business meetings are very significant as we all know. So whether you are attending one wearing a saree, or the western formal wear, the bun is an ideal hairstyle for the occasion. It makes sure your hair is in place; gives a neat and tidy look, and lets you quickly focus on things that matter the most. We are certain you would not want to be sweeping your hair back and fro while attending that all important business meeting, isn’t it?

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  1. French plait for the routine days

If you are someone who loves to dress up in a salwar kameez, or a lovely kurti paired with a churidar, then the French plait can be your ideal hairstyle charmer. It looks elegant and neat, and can even make you look a couple of years younger. This hairstyle works especially well for women with medium to long hair, and heavy texture and volume.

  1. Fishtail braid that makes you stand out

Another formal yet traditional hairstyle for the workplace is the fishtail braid. Whether it is the side swept look or the normal straight one; this is one hairstyle that is ideal for those mornings when you are in a rush. All you need is a little time to learn this elaborate hairstyle, and then you will be an expert at creating this one, which goes well with both Indian and western work wear. A win-win we say. Don’t you agree?

  1. Accessories galore for short hair

Women with short tresses often complain of lack of ideas when it comes to hairstyles for the workplace.  Well, worry no more, as the market is replete with beautiful accessories for short hair. You can make use of hair bands, or designer bobby pins to keep your hair in place. Just twist your side hair a little, and clip together with a beautiful pin, and you are all set to rock the workplace! The only words of caution- keep it simple; do not go for hair accessories that are too flashy. You can always keep them for your family affairs and gatherings. At the workplace, minimal does the trick.

  1. Braided ponytails

If you are someone who loves to experiment, then braided ponytails are for you. The best part about these is that they work on all occasions, and at all places. So even if you are heading for a team dinner after office hours, this hairstyle is going to be your savior for sure. You can experiment with making braids on the sides, or on the front; and then tie back the rest of the hair neatly in a high ponytail. Who said office hairstyles are boring? Braided ponytails indeed defy that norm! 

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  1. Puff it up

If you have a little extra time on hand, we suggest you invest it in grooming your hair. Puff can add oodles of volume and class to an ordinary hairdo. So whether it is a bun or a pony tail, or even if you are leaving your hair open for that matter, a neat puff upfront will work wonders for the overall look and appeal. Try it and we guarantee you will love the results.

  1. Take good care of those lovely tresses

All said and done; it is important that you manage your hair well, and take good care of them. As a norm, we would advise you never to go to the workplace with wet hair or semi-dried hair. Always wash your tresses and dry them properly before you head to the office. Use a good quality serum or non-greasy oil to make the hair manageable; nobody wants distractions at the workplace!

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We hope you enjoyed reading this piece on hairstyles for the workplace as much as we did put it together for you. Happy styling to all my lovely ladies out there! Go and be a winner at the workplace!

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Author: Brijraj

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