How to dress up for navratri in a traditional way?

Navratri is a festival that includes celebration for 9 magical nights where men and women worship Goddess durga. The festival consists of worship and lots of dancing. The dandiya and garba are two traditional dance forms which are popular only because of this festival. If you’re planning to attend a dandiya night for the first time or just want some tips this time, this is how you should dress up for navratri.

1. Pick up a traditional dress:

In our post about dressing tips for navratri, we basically explained all the tips you might need to know. Here we will talk about what kind of dress you need to wear to dress up for navratri the right way. It is better and recommended to dress in the traditional dress of this festival i.e. ghagra choli.

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This dress basically consists of two pieces of clothing – choli and  ghaagra.

Choli is the blouse or top that goes with the dress and is usually embellished with small mirrors and embroidery.

Ghagra is the traditional Indian skirt which is again embellished with lots of embroidery and mirror work.

The dress has a duppatta which is basically a scarf used to cover the bosom. ghagra for dandiya buy online

2. Wear traditional Indian jewellery:

Now that you have the dress you want to wear, it is time to pick up jewellery or accessories. Whether you want to go light or heavy with accessories, it is completely your choice but we’re going to list down the main accessories that go with this ensemble.



Jhumke: Jhumke refer to the Indian style earrings which consist of a stud around the ear connected with a dome shaped part. They’re one of the most popular kinds of earrings in India and are easily available everywhere around the country.

Necklace: It is always better to go with a matching necklace along with the jhumke. They are often sold as a pair consisting of jhumke and necklace.

Bangles: Wearing glass bangles is actually the tradition but young women in India prefer big metal bangles which look equally appealing with the attire.

Paayal: Paayal refers to the anklets. Heavy payals look really good with the entire dress.

Apart from these you can also pick up a kamarbandh (Indian waist band) and hair accessories.

 3. Pick up the right shoes:

Heels are a big no for this occasion for an obvious reason. It is difficult to move around in heels and do a dance like dandiya is literally impossible. Better pick up a Punjabi jutti which is a highly comfortable India shoe to dress up for navratri. It is flat and you can easily move around in them. tips to get a perfect daily look with sarees

4. Wear the right makeup:

Once you’re done with all the accessories and dress issues, think of the makeup. Light waterproof makeup is what you need. Go for a light base with a light foundation and a concealer. Light but glittery blush with a light eyeshadow would look perfect. Wear kaajal instead of an eyeliner and use mascara on your eyelashes. Go for a nude shaded lipstick and the look would be complete. colors-291851_640

This is how you should dress up for navratri. We hope you have a great time during this festival. Do let us know if you need more assistance. Also, if you want to shop for ghagra choli for navratri, shop on our online store which offers delivery all across the world.

Author: Brijraj

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