How to Get a Perfect Look in Sarees

How many times did you search for “How to get a perfect look in sarees” before landing here? How many fashion blunders have you already made? How many people did you consult for fashion advice when it comes to sarees? How many people failed you? The list would be very long if you were serious about your search.

But did you find the right answer? Do you know now how to get a perfect look in sarees? If no, then this post is for you. Saree allows you to blend conventional and modern styles. They provide you with a consummate look for special occasions like marriages, big family functions etc.

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To help you better understand what we’re going to talk about, we will discuss with help of examples. Refer to the picture in the post for better understanding on how to get a perfect look in sarees. Also, this post is dedicated to dressing up during important occasions like marriages etc. To check how to get a perfect daily look in sarees or a party wear look in sarees, click on the links.

If you take a deep look on the way the model have been dressed up in the shot, you would get a lot of ideas for dressing up for the next occasion on the cards.

Brijraj Saree

Pick the right color. Yellow is awesome!

Yellow is an impeccable choice while picking up a dress for an occasion like marriage. In this saree, the combination of yellow and green (the lovely shade) blend together perfectly.

Now, next thing you need for this look.


A Saree with heavy embroidery. Make sure that your Saree is not too heavy. Look at the above picture. The embroidery on the Saree is not too much. Only the border and pallu is heavy. That is exactly how it should be.

Too much of embroidery does look gorgeous but only sometimes. Never wear it if you have a heavy physique. Also, wear it according to your age. And keep in mind that you’re not going to compete with the bride. So, stop focusing that much on how heavy the embroidery is.


The next thing is jewellery. You can wear a very nice and very expensive Saree but if you don’t team it up with good and appropriate accessories, it won’t look good at all. So, when you are picking up a Saree like this, these are all the accessories you need.

1. Earrings and Necklace: The girl is wearing a simple necklace. The necklace is not too heavy and not even too light. Make sure you get a similar kind of necklace. If you go for something too heavy, that is not going to look that great for it give you an overdone look.

2. Bangles: If you are planning to wear bangles, then wear them only in one hand. The girl is wearing 4 dozen bangles with two big kadaas in her right hand. The left one has been left quite simple with just a small matching bracelet.

3. Kamarband:  This one really makes you look sexy. A kamarband like the one she is wearing around her waist looks really awesome and is also not a common sight these days. Try this one out for sure. Some ladies prefer wearing ‘Challas’ if that’s what you call it around their waist. But that would give you an ‘aunty’ type look with this Saree. Only a kamarband would go with a Saree like this.

4. Footwear: Make sure you pick the right kind of footwear with the saree. This post: how to choose right footwear for sarees can help. We have highlighted the fashion blunders in the post. So, you can easily guess what’s the right thing to wear when it comes to footwear.


Hairdo. How are you planning to set your hair? Most of the ladies make it too important to leave their open while dressing up for such occasions. But this time, do something different. This look needs you to tie your hair into a braid or a clean bun.

In the above shot, if the girl had let her hair open, the look wouldn’t have been as great as it is now. The clean and stylish look is only possible with a simple braid left on one side of your shoulder.

So, now you know, how to get a perfect look in sarees for the next family function you have. Good luck 🙂

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Author: Brijraj

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