How to preserve your old sarees?

As much as we love our ethnic wear, it is also a fact that storing these can be a headache. Considering the heavy work and expensive fabrics that our traditional outfits are made of, it is important that these are stored and preserved properly. This holds especially true for old sarees. Ladies, we all know you love to put on that classy saree which your grandmother or mother once wore. Keeping that in mind, we have few tips here for you, which will help you preserve your old sarees better.  dont let anyone ever dull your sparkle - preserve your old sarees

1. Refold the saree

It is important to refold old sarees every once in a while. This is all the more important when it comes to silk sarees. Refolding a saree every one or two months ensures that there is no tear or formation of unnecessary creases or wrinkles. It also keeps the saree fresh and new looking.

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2. Go easy with the washing

We often tend to wash an outfit after every single occasion that it is worn. This is not a mandate when it comes to ethnic outfits like sarees. Washing repeatedly takes the sheen off the fabric and gives it a dull look sooner than later. Always see to it that you do not wash your old sarees too soon. So if you wore one this evening to a party, just keeping the saree in open air for 2 to 3 hours after you are back, should suffice. There is no need to wash your saree every time. poly georgette fabric

3. Storage space

The storage space for old sarees deserves special attention. Make sure you store them in a dry and cool place. Moisture has a damaging effect on expensive fabrics. Another thing to note is that sarees come with expensive embroidery and hand work such as zari, which demand extra care. While storing the saree, fold this side with the embroidery inwards, so that it does not come into contact with other fabrics in your wardrobe, and ends up spoiling both. Placing butter paper while folding such sarees can also be a good option.

Another thing you can do to preserve your old sarees longer is to store them in a muslin cloth. Muslin is a very soft fabric and thus helps to keep any damage to your saree at bay.

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4. Shun the repellants

It is a common tendency to store expensive clothes in the presence of moth repellants. The thing to remember here is that these chemicals can cause the fabric to discolor and lose its shine. So your old sarees are best kept away from these harmful chemicals.

5. Dry-cleaning

Dry-cleaning is a good way of preserving old sarees. It is not as harsh on the saree fabric as washing can be sometimes. A word of caution here; since dry-cleaning essentially uses chemicals to clean the saree, keep the frequency moderate. Dry-cleaning too often can actually spoil the fabric.

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Whether it is your wedding saree, or that very first one gifted by your better half, old sarees always hold a special place in our heart. The more carefully we preserve them, the longer we can treasure these priceless fabrics synonymous with lovely memories.

Author: Brijraj

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