How to Make Your Indian dresses Interesting?

Have you ever been bored? You have done something for so long, that no matter how much you love it, you feel bored and uninterested about it.

With us, it has certainly happened with clothes. We have been wearing Indian Wear, talking about Indian Wear and inspiring people to rock the Indian dresses for so long that the approaching boredom is unavoidable.

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But can we do anything about it? Can we do something to our clothing to make it interesting? YES.

How to make your Indian dresses interesting?

bajirao mastani indian suits 2016

  1. Get Creative

Yes, that’s the obvious yet ignored solution to our problem. If you want to make your usual Indian dresses seem different and exciting, you need to get out of your comfort zone and get your creative thoughts running.

Stop accepting your outfits the same way you buy from a store or a designer. Start adding your own touch to them. Grab some accessories – laces, latkans, stones, sequins or whatever that you think will suit the design and add them to your outfit. They’ll certainly look better. Or think of some other innovative ways to tweak the designs. Cut them, convert them and flaunt your Indian dresses!

top suits for girls trends - heavy dupattas

2. Get them tailored

More and more people are looking for stitched clothes these days. Of course, readymade dresses are easy to purchase and wear but they’re boring.

Stitching opens a new world full of creativity for you. Just by changing the way you get your outfit stitched, you can change its entire look and appeal.

Even with sarees and lehengas, the draping styles matter a lot. Think of some new ideas to drape the six yards and let your creative juices flow while styling your dupattas with your lehenga on your friend’s wedding.

3. Design them yourself

Dandiya Dresses IDeas 2016

Yes, the embroideries and prints you’ll find with brands like us are exquisite and unique. They’re the best you can find. But what if you want this one outfit for a special day and you want it entirely different, what will you do? Let’s say, you want it to gift to your mother on Mothers Day. How would you add that personal touch to show your love to your mother?

Our suggestion would be to do the design part yourself. Grab a plain dress from us, a suit or a saree, and then go to your nearest art store to find a design you can get imprinted on the fabric. Then paint the design yourself or do the embroidery with your hands.

Of course, it will need some learning but the expression on your mother’s face when you gift her an outfit designed by you especially for her would be worth it.

4. Add some customizations

dont let anyone ever dull your sparkle - preserve your old sarees

Let’s say you bought an awesome lehenga for us. It will be incredibly amazing and you will drool over it. You will love to flaunt it. But hey! you want to make it a bit different. Don’t you?

What you can do is grab some latkans or stones and add them to the dupatta. It will add a gentle difference to the outfit that will enhance its appearance. If you have already found a lehenga with a dupatta that has latkans attached to it, you’re lucky!

There you go, ladies! Those are four awesome ways to make your indian dresses much more interesting and add a different touch to them.

Did you like our ideas? Do let us know!

Author: Brijraj

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