The Beginner’s Guide To Wash Chiffon Saree

Sarees are an essential component of a traditional wardrobe of women in India. They come in a variety of textures, fabrics, colors, and styles, and can give any contemporary outfit from the West a run for its money. While we revel in the pride of owning a saree, it is equally challenging at times to store and maintain them, especially the delicate and expensive ones. Today we will focus on how to wash chiffon saree, and take care in a manner that it does not lose its sheen.

wash chiffon saree

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  1. Always use hand wash

The foremost thing to keep in mind to clean chiffon saree is to avoid the washing machine altogether. Due to their delicate texture, chiffon sarees last longer when hand-washed. This prevents the fabric from being exposed to unnecessary twists and turns, which can wreak havoc with its appearance.

  1. Choose your detergent wisely

Today, the market is stocked with so many varieties of soaps. While their attractive advertisements can lure us at times, the chemicals they contain can damage the fabrics. To wash chiffon saree, choose organic detergents that are devoid of strong chemicals. This will ensure that your saree retains its color, and the dye does not fade out.

  1. Washing precautions

Whenever you wash chiffon saree, make sure that you do not dip the fabric in detergent for too long. Soak the saree in the detergent for the petite time, and then wash off with cold water. In case you are looking to get rid of a stain, try and clean the saree when the stain is fresh. Again, make sure that you are using cold water; hot water can wear out the saree color.

chiffon saree + clothing tips for monsoon

  1. Ironing the saree

Chiffon sarees should be ironed on medium or low heat. Never wet a chiffon saree before you begin ironing it. Another tip that can come in handy here is to place a cotton cloth over the saree and then iron it; this will ensure that the saree becomes totally wrinkle-free, without any heat damages.

  1. Store them well

As important as it is to wash chiffon saree well, storing them also demands your attention. The best way is to wrap in butter paper, and store in a fresh and dry place. Chiffon sarees should never be put on the hangers for too long. It will prevent the formation of unwanted creases. Additionally, you should keep your saree away from moisture and harmful chemicals.

  1. Avoid accessories wash chiffon saree

We all love accentuating the look of sarees with the use of accessories. Pinning a brooch on a saree does make it more appealing, but it can cause harm to the fabric, especially the delicate ones like chiffon sarees. So it is advisable to avoid such accessories as far as possible.

  1. Quick fix for chiffon sarees

There can be occasions when you do not have enough time to hand wash chiffon saree at home. In such situations, make use of the services of a professional dry-cleaner who can do the job and hand back the saree to you in a couple of days. But avoid the washing machine at all costs!

Follow these simple tips and instructions on how to wash chiffon saree. The fabric will last longer, and the saree will look fresh and new as ever!

Author: Brijraj

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  1. It is very useful article. In the modern world, draping saree is the difficult task means taking care of the saree is another difficult task. What are all the points you have mentioned here is valuable tips. Thanks for sharing your idea with us.

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