7 Tips To Arrange Salwar Suits In Wardrobe

We all know how much the Indian woman loves her salwar suits. Be it a formal setting like the workplace, a social gathering with family and friends, or even the most special day of a bride’s life, a salwar suit is a perfect outfit for all occasions. So today we will devote some time to understand how to arrange salwar suits in wardrobe. This will help you organize them well, and ensure that they stay flawless and pristine for extended periods of time. Here we go!

tips to arrange salwar suits

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  1. Segregate according to utility

One of the efficient and easy ways to arrange salwar suits in wardrobe is to segregate them as per the utility they provide. For example, you can put the ones meant for office wear in a separate pile or closet. For the more heavy and intricate ones for weddings and other social occasions, you might want to have a different collection and storage space. Believe us, this segregation goes a long way in helping you arrange salwar suits neatly!

  1. Use hangers as much as possible

To avoid the formation of creases or wrinkles, you should try and make use of hangers to arrange salwar suits. This will keep them neat and clean. Moreover, you can quickly locate the one you want to wear on a particular day. If you are bound by space constraints, try hanging just the dupattas, as these are more prone to get wrinkled easily. Using hangers is a good way of organizing your wardrobe. use hangers to arrange salwar suits

  1. Stack them together after ironing

If you are looking to arrange salwar suits in wardrobe in the form of a pile, it is a good practice to iron them before you do so. This will help you in two ways. First, ironed salwar suits will occupy less space as compared to the ones which have been freshly washed and dried, and placed directly in the wardrobe. So you save on space. Secondly, this will help you to choose and pick your suit quickly when you are in a rush to go; you will not waste time getting it ironed.

  1. Try something different with a compartmentalized rack

If you are looking at some unique wardrobe options to arrange salwar suits, try the compartmentalized rack. This gives you a lot of room to place each of your suits with the dupatta on a hanger. Additionally, it also helps in enhancing the visual appeal of your wardrobe; you can see all your suits in one go, and quickly pick whatever you choose to wear for the day. Isn’t that amazing? We bet it is!

  1. Get rid of the clutter

Often, we are in a habit of stacking our wardrobe with clothes we no longer wear. So get rid of all such unwanted pieces of clothing. This will help you to create more space for hanging your salwar suits. As women, we never have enough with shopping. So it makes all the more sense to get rid of the clothes that no longer fit you, or are too old for your liking.

  1. Color coordinate the dupattas

how to take care of cotton fabric

Another useful tip you can use is to stack your dupattas according to the shades. For instance, keep all the shades of pink together. So the next time you have a salwar suit that goes well with the pink color, you will know which pile you directly need to look into. It saves you a lot of effort, as well as makes the wardrobe look tidy and well-organized.

  1. Keep the season in mind

Whenever you set to arrange salwar suits in your wardrobe, remember the season that you are in. These days, the market has salwar suits for both winters and summers. So maintain the cotton ones in the front part of the closet, and the woolen ones at the back during summers. The reverse holds true for the winter season. Silks, georgettes, and crepes can be stored separately for the special occasions.

We hope you enjoyed reading these simple yet effective ways of arranging salwar suits in your wardrobe. So let’s get started today and set our wardrobe in shape!

Author: Brijraj

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