Tips To Shop For Indian Wedding Sarees

Are you looking for the best Indian wedding sarees online? Wait! The search shouldn’t begin just like that. First, you require knowing how to shop for Indian wedding sarees.

It is your special day, and you only wouldn’t want anything to go wrong, especially with your marriage dress. It’s the most important part of your wedding trousseau, and the memories of this dress will stay with you forever. So, please take out a couple of minutes to read this and make a good decision that you would cherish.

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How to shop for Indian Wedding Sarees?

Zarine Khan Sarees - Golden net embroidered lehenga saree

1. Decide the budget

The First thing is to determine what’s your budget. We would suggest that you don’t splurge on this particular dress for any doubt it’s special, but you will probably wear it only once in your lifetime. So, this is a one-time thing and spending way more amount of money than you should wouldn’t be worth it.

Rather, pick a moderate budget and then stick to it. If you require an idea on what the Indian wedding sarees cost like, you can visit our store, take a look and check the range. The range, of course, varies but you will get an idea of what kind of designs to expect in a particular price range.

2. Think of the colors

Once you’re done with deciding the budget, you need to think what color you’re going to wear on your wedding. Don’t get stubborn over one particular color, rather give yourself a choice of different colors according to your skin tone. If you have a dark skin tone, natural colors like maroon, brown or olive green shades. If you have a very light skin tone, go for bright red, yellow or blue. If you’re going to wear white on your wedding, ditch the pure white and go for off-white, cream and similar shades.

Also, think about the time of the marriage and then decide the color. Because ultimately wedding photos turn out more important than Indian wedding sarees. So, if you have a morning wedding, colors like maroon, orange or dark red would be perfect. If you have an evening wedding, colors like gold and pink will be the best.

Zarine Khan Sarees For Wedding Wear

3. Think of your body type

Let’s be real. You can’t just crash diet or eat like a hyena to be in the perfect shape for the wedding. It’s itself a very stressful affair with all those rituals, relatives, and judgemental eyes. You don’t want to make it more stressful by adopting a strict diet plan just when you’re about to get married. Instead, be smarter and pick dresses that would flatter you how you’re.

We have done several posts on how to choose a right saree for your body type, and we suggest you check it and learn it by heart before you start shopping for the Indian wedding sarees.

4. Put comfort over style

Let’s be real. Indian weddings don’t happen in that usual Bollywood style where your marriage is done in five minutes after a 2-hour long family drama. Instead, the list of rituals and time spent on each is very long, and you will probably get super tired by the time you’re done. Imagine if for all those hours; you have to sit in the most uncomfortable dress ever! It would be a horrible day for you.

So, whatever design you choose is your choice for it’s your wedding but what you shouldn’t negotiate with is the comfort and fitting. A well-fitted dress will make you comfortable. Also, don’t try a design, say low cut or extremely low back design unless you’re very comfortable with it. Trust us! If you aren’t satisfied with your wedding dress, it will be very evident on your face even if you’re a National award winner actress.

Didn’t we say just two minutes? Yes, two minutes and you have the information you need just to rock your wedding dress. Indian wedding sarees work as perfect wedding dresses, and we wish you good luck for the shopping and the wedding.

In case, you want to know where to start shopping from, head to our site and start shopping!

Author: Brijraj

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