Top 5 Colors For Indian Weddings

Are you preparing yourself for your big fat Indian wedding? Indian weddings have a great sense of awe and excitement with them. It can never be a calm affair. Lots of pomp and show comes inevitably. But what many people fail to notice is the kind of panic the bride to go through.

As if moving into an entirely new house with totally different people wasn’t enough, brides are expected to look their best on their weddings. A big part of that is played by the wedding dress that is, in most cases, a bridal lehenga. And to be able to look best in the marriage dress, picking up the right color is imperative.

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That’s why we set ourselves to work and have brought out the top 5 colors for Indian weddings. So, if you’re confused about which color is best for your wedding lehenga, keep reading to find the top fives ones in the list.

1. Red or maroon

This color has always been at the top for decades. It is undoubtedly the favorite color for Indian weddings. The biggest reason behind that is because of the tradition and culture that considers red colors as the “color of a married woman.”

This gave a significant boost to this color and as a result, red and maroon colored lehengas are most common colors that can be seen in a wedding in India. And surprisingly, this color suits almost everyone when it comes to wearing it as a bridal lehenga.

maroon wedding lehenga for indian weddings

2. Pink

If red or maroon isn’t your type, why not go for a softer shade? Pink is a very popular color with Gujarati, North Indian, and Bengali brides. The color looks best with silver colored embellishments and suits lighter skin tones. If you have a dark skin tone, don’t worry. There are shades of pink that would look gorgeous on you. Try them!

pink wedding lehenga

3. Orange

Coral color looks fantastic on Indian skin. It pretty suits almost every skin tone. Also, it goes very well with golden, green and blue color, and thus it becomes very easy to pick up right accessories with the dress. You can also try color combination if you want to.

orange wedding lehenga for indian weddings

4. Purple or Magenta

This should have been second in the list. Magenta was the color that was extremely popular in last few years. Although the rage for this color has been burned down a bit, it still looks hot. If you’re wedding is going to be at night, have no second thoughts before picking this.

magenta wedding lehenga

5. Navy blue

This is a sort of new addition to the best colors for Indian weddings. We believe it’s on the list because of how it makes you stand out of the crowd. But be careful! This color doesn’t suit every skin tone.

blue wedding lehenga

These are the five most popular colors for Indian weddings. If you’re going to get married soon and are looking for bridal lehengas, make sure you keep these colors in mind to reduce the risk. You can also check out our online shopping store for wedding wear. Let us know if you found this helpful and would like us to share more about dressing up for your big day.

Author: Brijraj

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