Top 5 Lehenga Wearing Tips For You 

They are the go-to items for any big Indian occasion and they look absolutely amazing. But if you’re looking for lehenga wearing tips, it means you’re unsure about how to style them correctly.

We have put together some of the best lehenga wearing tips that came to us by observing thousands of styles trends and mistakes. We hope it helps you out. Keep reading!

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Lehenga Wearing Tips: Tips on How to Wear A Lehenga Perfectly?

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  1. Don’t be afraid of the long cholis

To be honest, let the cholis breathe. Women are too specific and picky about cholis. We have seen brides fussing about having a very heavy choli. In actual, it doesn’t even show up in your pictures or even when you wear the outfit. Most of the choli gets covered with the jewelry and dupatta.

We have seen party wear lehengas being rejected because they didn’t have heavy designs the lehenga itself. A party wear net lehenga should have minimal embroidery on the lehenga and focus on the choli. But then again, we have seen women who completely hide all the embroidery by choosing a wrong dupatta draping style.

We have never seen many women experimenting with long cholis when the fact is they look extremely attractive and can also help you look slim.

So, ladies, keep in mind to get over your usual perceptions about how cholis should be like and start looking them from a practical and creative lens.

2. Customize your dress with laces and latkans

Don’t just reject an outfit because they’re missing details like heavy latkans attached to the doris on the back. Such minor items can be easily added on to the lehenga. Just grab the lehenga by looking at the design of the main three items while keeping such customizations in your to-do list.

3. Dupatta draping styles matter a lot

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As mentioned in point 1, draping your dupatta in a way that doesn’t complement the design of the skirt and choli would be a grave mistake.

Draping it in a way that makes it unmanageable is also a bad idea. Moreover, you need to pick latest draping styles that would suit your body type, dress, and occasion.

So, make sure you research well about the draping style and pick one that matches all the pre-requisites we mentioned in the last paragraph.

4. Pick the accessories carefully

There are two things that should be in your mind while picking accessories – occasion and style of the dress.

By thinking about the occasion, you can figure out whether you need heavy chunky necklaces or just earrings and maang teeka would do. Do you need to wear bangles that cover all your arms or just a couple of bracelets would do? Do you need chunky anklets or are they unnecessary?

The style of the lehenga will also make a difference. Of course, a bridal lehenga would require bridal jewelry. A party wear lehenga will be teamed up with a different kind of jewelry that suits the design and occasion. A net lehenga will obviously need fewer ornaments for a classy style while a traditionally embroidered heavy lehenga would call for traditional Indian jewelry. Did you get our point? If not, comment below and ask us for suggestions.

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5. Quality is very important

Most of the times, lehengas are picked up for one-time wear and therefore, quality takes a backseat when picking such outfits. That’s a mistake.

We completely agree that it makes sense to not look for longevity while picking an outfit for a one-time wear. But what you may miss is that the sheen of the outfit gets lost with the degradation of quality.

The best example we can give is of the net lehengas. They look absolutely ravishing but only if the net quality is nice. Else, you will find yourself hating your outfit for the net would look like just a fluffy unmanageable piece of cloth.

Moreover, the grace of the fabric truly matters to actually have it look good on you. That comes only with good quality.

These are all the lehenga wearing tips we have for you today. We hope these tips will help you make better purchase decisions and help you buy beautiful lehengas for yourself. Don’t forget to check our online shop for buying best Chandni Chownk lehengas online. Remember that we don’t deal in replicas and have completely original and high-quality stuff only.

Author: Brijraj

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