Top 7 Types Of Printed Saris

Are you crazy about printed saris? They are perfect for formal wear and in a moment, you can transform them into a perfect outfit for a dinner party or a casual outing. They’re versatile, comfortable and make you look extremely sophisticated.

These are the things you already knew. Didn’t you? What’s new for you is some trending types of printed sarees.

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  1. Floral printed saris: It’s the most modern form which is lively, bright and extremely pleasing to the eyes. There’s an enormous scope of styling these kinds of sarees according to different occasions. For example, we recently did a post about styling floral print sarees. Once you read the post, you’ll find out how different floral prints can be accommodated at various occasions. Pick fabrics like chiffon, georgette, Bhagalpuri silk or cotton silk for such prints. buy floral print sarees online
  2. Calligraphic printed saris: The Bollywood divas play a major role in making these prints favorite, and they have been going strong for years. Calligraphic prints are typically the ones that have different words printed on the saree to create stylish patterns. calligraphic print sarees
  3. Geometric print sarees: Various geometrical figures are used to make interesting and complicated patterns that look stunning on sarees. Such prints are perfect for casual occasions and add a touch of exotic art to your outfit. geometric printed sarees
  4. Graphically printed saris: After floral print sarees, these are bestselling types of printed saris. The scope of graphic prints is huge, and you may find anything like human figurines or picturesque sceneries printed on the saree itself. types of printed saris
  5. Animal print sarees: As evident from the name, animal print sarees include different types of prints inspired by animals, for example, cheetah, leopard, etc. Animal print is a style loved in a western and Indian fashion equally and is here to stay for years. animal print sarees
  6. Nature sarees: Nature print is quite similar to graphic print, but there are differences. For example, nature print may include sarees with patterns of trees, rivers and likewise whereas graphic prints are more like pictures printed on the sarees. nature print brijraj sarees
  7. Abstract print sarees: Abstract art is the toughest to explain for its explanation varies with the eyes of the admirer. So, we will leave you with some abstract print designs rather than make a futile attempt of explaining what abstract print sarees are. abstract print sarees

How to style different types of printed saris?

You may think it will involve lots of efforts to style different types of such sarees, but it’s actually very easy to style them.

Begin with picking the right fabric for the overall grace of the outfit depends on fabric quality. For fabric type, stick with chiffon, georgette, Bhagalpuri silk, crepe, and cotton silk. These five are the best fabrics for printed patterns.

Think about the occasion while picking accessories. For office wear, pick pearls as they add an air of elegance to the ensemble. For party wear, pick statement necklaces, earrings, and angles. For casual wear, try silver or golden traditional Indian accessories. Keep them minimal for your dress will do all the talking.

Printed saris go well with flats as well as heels. Platform heels also look great with such sarees. You can also try a Punjabi jutti while going for a daily wear look.

If you have any more questions about styling these sarees, comment below, and we will reply back within 24 hours. Also, don’t forget to check thousands of designs we have specially manufactured to fulfill your hunger for stylish and affordable printed saris with 100% original designs guaranteed.

Author: Brijraj

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