Trend Alert: Printed Anarkali Suits

Anarkali suits never fail to amaze you. We recently did a post about latest trends in Anarkali suits and we still missed printed Anarkali suits trends.

Printed Anarkali Suits are the trendiest option and today’s post is all about how and why. Remember that at Brijraj, we have a GREAT collection of printed Anarkali suits that you must check over here.

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All About The Latest Trend Of Printed Anarkali Suits

  1. Crepe and silk are the fabrics to go

We assume that the trend seems very simple at the face value. After all, isn’t is just print on an Anarkali dress? Yes and no. It’s much more than that and we want you to know about it all.

First of all, understand what fabrics are trending with this look. Such a printed design cannot be carried on any fabric. For example, we’ve got queries about printed cotton Anarkalis. Although we do have designs in that, but we don’t recommend you to go for that if you’re looking for an ultimate piece in your wardrobe.

For a fancy piece to cherish, grab such a design in crepe or silk fabric. Both fabrics bring out the grace of the design and make them fancy enough to steal all the compliments in a wedding or in a party.

2. Paisley Printed Anarkali Suits

Paisley printed Anarkali Suits

Paisley prints are the most loved type of printed patterns in the country and why shouldn’t they be. The intricate patterns make you baffled for the exquisite appeal. They sometimes even pass off as embroidered dresses even when they’re not.

They are one of the truest forms of Indian prints and they truly look royal. Try them!

3. Digital Printed Anarkali Suits

Digital printed Anarkali Suits

Next popular type of printed Anarkali dresses is the digital printed ones. The digital print is emerging as the most trending type of print. Digital printed sarees, straight suits and now, Anarkali suits are wooing women globally. Digital prints are equally popular with Western Wear.

The designs look complex and expensive but their cost is as affordable as it can be. In fact, they’re one of the most affordable printed patterns.

4. Kalamkari suits

Kalamkari Printed Anarkali Suits

Anarkali dresses with kalamkari prints are another popular that especially looks fabulous on silk fabric. Kalamkari is one of the very traditional and admired prints of the country and a design like this a must-have in your traditional wardrobe. Grab it fast.

5. Egyptian Print

Egyptian Printed Anarkali Suits

Another very popular suit design is the Egyptian print. It’s very fresh print that is gaining popularity in India. It has a weird but amazing aura around it which makes it appealing and pleasing to the eyes.

The patterns are as interesting as you can think of and they give you a brilliant party wear look.

6. English floral Printed Anarkali Suits

English floral printed Anarkali Suits

Lastly, there’s another very royal type of Printed Anarkali suit that must be in your wardrobe. It’s the English floral print. Floral prints are very much in trend but then there are so many types of them that leave you confused. Which one should you buy?

Didn’t you just see the answer?

There you go ladies! These are the popular types of Printed Anarkali suits that we needed to report today. Remember that the most important component is fabric and only after fixing on that, you should move ahead to pick the trending printed designs.

If you want to shop for any of the outfits shown in this post (all are in Zurich Silk) fabric, visit our online shop. Click the button below to proceed. What if you can’t see the designs? It would mean you got a bit late to shop. Keep checking our website to know when we restock.

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Author: Brijraj

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