How To Wear Lehenga To Look Slim?

Do you want to hide away those extra kilos while you wear your favorite lehenga on a wedding? Do you want to look thinner than you are? Some clever tricks can help you wear lehenga to look slim.

How to look slim in a lehenga?

dupatta draping styles #2

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  1. Wear a longer choli

We all see those small cholis Bollywood actresses wear in wedding songs and trust me! We all kinda dream of wearing such a thing. But the truth is it is not only uncomfortable but also not help you look slimmer. Rather take inspiration from the immensely popular TV actress Divanka Tripathi who wears long cholis, and despite her weight, she manages to look fabulous in lehengas.

So, the first thing to do is pick a longer choli with the lehenga.

  1. How to pick designs to wear lehenga to look slim?

There are all kinds of embroideries you can find on lehengas. Some are big motifs, and some are really fine and small motifs. I say, you go for the smaller ones as that’s how you can wear lehenga to look slim. Big motifs, like a big flower or patch of embroidery, make your body look broader and it’s not what you want.

Small fine flowers/motifs give an illusion of a thinner body. Another thing you can do when it comes to picking embroidered lehengas to look slim is to go for thread embroidery instead of zari or the ones with tons of stones and sequins on them. Thread embroidery makes you look sleek and slim if you combine that with smaller motifs.

maroon wedding lehenga for indian weddings

2339 series.
  1. Wear darker colors

Dark colors obviously make you look thin. Why do you think women are so crazy about black color? You can look thinner by wearing lehengas in dark colors. It’s as simple as that.

  1. Wear lighter fabrics

Heavy fabrics like silk and velvet make you look bulky. They’re fluffy and aren’t great if you want to hide away some bulges. Rather, pick lehengas with light fabrics like poly georgette or chiffon. They look gorgeous.

  1. Watch out how you drape the dupatta

Indian bridal wear lehengas for 2016

Dupatta is that magical piece that can help you hide away the pain points of your body. There are so many ways to drape dupattas with lehengas and you should pick the ones in which the dupatta covers the trouble areas of your body. I can’t advise you on one particular style as you know your body better than me. Don’t you?

  1. Wear heels

If you manage to look taller, you will look slimmer. It’s just a trick you can use to look slimmer. Try it, and you’ll see the difference right away. Moreover, I don’t see who doesn’t wear heels with lehengas. They go extremely well, and when you want to wear lehenga to look slim, heels are a must. Don’t go for broad heels. Rather pick some pumps or pencil heels. I wouldn’t advise you to pick dangerously high heels but pick as high as possible while still staying comfortable.

  1. Go light on jewelry

If you have a thick neck and you wear a chunky necklace, no one can stop you from looking fat and almost like a bubble. Just don’t wear heavy chunky jewelry especially if you have thick arms or neck. It will just make them look heavier. Go light on jewelry and dress in a sophisticated manner. You will look fabulous that way.

  1. Go for a high bun

Another way to look a bit taller (and hence slimmer) as well as to make your neck look thinner is to go for a high bun. It will help you to look slim in a lehenga. Try it!

That’s pretty much it. You begin with picking the right fabric and right color. Then you get a long lehenga choli stitched instead of a small one. Then you pick light jewelry to go with it and good heels. Then you team it up with a high bun, and there you go! That’s how to wear lehenga to look slim. I hope these tips will help you out. Let me know if they do!

Author: Brijraj

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