Should You Wear Sleeveless Blouses?

Sleeveless blouses have been in vogue since years. We still remember the time when the Indian television industry sprouted and every woman was drooling over those amazing blouses worn by stylish celebrity vamps and fashion trendsetters of the fashion industry.

But every time we thought of copying their style, we have a confusion in our head. Don’t we?

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Would the style look good on me?

Would it suit me?

Would it seem awkward?

There are a lot more questions and confusions around sleeveless blouses. Today, we answer all of them.

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Should sleeveless blouses be worn?

sleeveless blouses - cape saree draping style

  1. Do they help to beat the hot weather?

Many women go for sleeveless clothes thinking it will help them beat the summer. It’s entirely wrong. Sleeveless blouses mean your arms are exposed to direct sunlight. They get tanned.

Yes, with excess use of sunscreen you can still save your skin but why go through the pain? If you pick see-through full sleeves you may get better protection and if you choose a light color, you can actually help the fabric cool down your skin. It won’t be the case with the sleeveless option.

Hence, stop making choices based on wrong assumptions first of all.

2. What if you have flabby arms?

hairstyles for printed sarees

If you have put on a lot of extra weight and your arms are chubby, sleeveless blouses are a big NO for you. They bring all the attention to your arms and highlight all the extra fat you have around them.

Long sleeves, on the other hand, will hide away the extra fat and will make your arms look thinner. The choice is yours. What do you want to focus on? To make your arms look toned or fat?

3. Is it even in trend?

To be honest, we have never seen sleeveless blouses go out of trend. There are many variations in the actual blouse design but sleeveless ones still rock the fashion industry. So, please don’t worry about it being in trend. It is in trend. The only question is if you want to pick it for yourself or not.

4. Sleeveless blouses with transparent sarees

Choker necklace with printed sarees

We were doing our usual trend spotting when we came across this question – can I wear sleeveless blouses with transparent sarees? Of course, you can. The question is should you.

We believe you shouldn’t. There may be many who oppose this statement but here’s the thing. When you put together any kind of outfit, you need to have a balanced look. Too much of anything is bad. Mixing every bold trend is bad. Trying every style in one outfit is bad.

When we’re talking about sleeveless designs and transparent sarees, both are bold trends and are absolutely awesome. But if you use them together, each of them will fight for attention and ultimately, abrupt the balance of your look. So, if you go by our advice, which by the way was one of the first blogs that ever started discussing Indian fashion and has been doing that successfully for four years, you shouldn’t combine these two.

There you go! We have answered whether you should wear sleeveless blouses or not. There is no one-word answer, as obvious from our post. You need to see whether the style fits your requirement and physique. If it does, go for it. Else, keep following our blog to know about more styles. For shopping, head to our fashion store.

Tell us if you prefer sleeveless blouses or some other design!


Author: Brijraj

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