What Every Woman Ought To Know To Choose The Right Fabric

As women, we are always enticed by the concept of having a unique wardrobe, which has the best of fabric in the best of designs and styles. Continuing with our tradition of helping you with making the best choices, today we put together a list of things that each one of us ought to know to choose the right fabric. Keep these small but effective tips in mind, and you will be proud of the results. So here we go!

what every woman ought to know about choosing the right fabric

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  1. Know your body type well

One of the single most important parameters that will help you to choose the right fabric is to know your body type well. Depending upon the body shape and structure, you can go in for fabric that accentuates your overall look and appeal. For ones with a lean body structure, crepes, georgettes, and even satins work well. However, if you are someone on the slightly heavy side, these fabrics are best avoided. Try choosing cotton or silk for your apparel.

  1. Dress for the occasion

Knowing the place and time where you are going to wear a particular outfit will also help you choose the right fabric. For a traditional gathering such as a wedding, silk would work well. For a casual outing with friends or family, denim bottoms with cotton tees work well. For a sophisticated evening dinner, a crepe or georgette gown will work wonders. So our suggestion here is, pick the fabric according to the occasion.

  1. Gain a thorough knowledge of the variations in a fabric

Often ignored but critical tip nevertheless; you should always try and know the ins and outs of fabric available in the market. The simplest example that can be quoted here is that of the cotton fabric. You will find that the market has some varieties of cotton, which vary according to their texture and the source of manufacturing. So while some forms of cotton are super soft, there might be others that are crispier. A know-how of these details will help you choose the right fabric when you go out to buy one.

  1. Look out for the patterns

Another critical insight we have for you is to watch out for the patterns before you purchase fabric. For example, choosing a pattern according to the season is one way of doing it. For summer dresses, floral patterns in pastel hues work the best. Likewise, for winters, heavy patterns on fabrics work well. So choose the right material in the way of choosing the right pattern.

  1. Maintenance matters

 While buying fabric, it is critical that you are aware of the after-care instructions such as machine washing, dry-cleaning, etc. While it can be exciting to buy certain fabrics because of the way they look and feel, maintaining them afterwards can be an altogether different story. Linen, for instance, can be expensive to maintain later. So if you come across fabric which moves your budget for it requires too high maintenance, it is best to let it go and choose something else.

  1. Take your time while buying

When you go shopping for fabrics, we also recommend that you take a good long time before finally buying something. If possible, it is a splendid idea to go around and compare the fabric available at different online and brick and mortar stores, and then pick something. Also, it’s hard to return stuff once you the vendor has cut the fabric from the roll; so it is wise to be patient when buying.

  1. Be comfortable with what you wear

Last but not the least, always go for fabric that is comfortable to wear. There is no point splurging on something that gives you a terrible time when you finally put it on. The style is important no doubt, but nothing beats the confidence that oozes out of being comfortable with what you are wearing.

Buying fabrics can be a tricky call at times; exercising the right approach always helps to choose what will work best for you! If you don’t know where to start shopping, get some sarees and suits online.

Author: Brijraj

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