6 Reasons Why Anarkali Suits Are So Popular

Truthfully speaking this is not a post we actually planned for today but seriously, the world needs the answer. What makes Anarkali Suits so popular?  Why everyone is buying Anarkali Suits? Even on Brijraj facebook page, we see more and more people liking and asking for Anarkali Suits instead of Sarees. Our website is flooded with orders of party wear Anarkali Suits. Ladies nowadays prefer to wear Anarkali Suits on family functions and weddings where their obvious choice used to be Sarees.

What made such an impact on people that everyone is so crazy about Anarkali Suits?

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Well, these are the reasons according to us:

1. They are Indian & better Version of Gowns: Anarkali Suits actually are an Indian version of Gowns. Well, that’s what people say. The real Anarkali Suits that are said to be worn by the famous Anarkali were heavily embroidered with a number of plates but the modern version of such suits look almost like a gown (sometimes). Don’t they? Maybe that’s why these floor length Anarkalis which give a gown type look are so famed for they present the perfect version of Indo-Western fusion which everyone is bound to love.

anarkali suits online

2. Easy to Wear: When it comes to Indian dressing style, Suits and Sarees are the most common options for women. Sarees, though they look gorgeous but each one of us who has ever worn a Saree know how difficult it is to carry a Saree. You have to be very careful about the pleates. Moreover, you need to learn how to drape the Saree whereas Anarkali Suits are much easier to wear. Aren’t they?

Jennifer Winget in party wear suits

3. Perfect for Unmarried Girls: The ‘kunwari kudis’ of India do feel a bit reluctant while wearing a Saree. In such times, Anarkali Suits have come up as a rescue for all of the unmarried beauties.

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4. Look Slim: Anarkali Suits if worn properly and cautiously can be perfectly used to camouflage your physique. If you have a big tummy, we think an Anarkali would help you to look a bit slimmer. So why not wear an Anarkali. Right?anarkali suits online


5. They make you feel ‘royal’: dresses such as Anarkali Suits have been associated with royal families since ages and maybe that’s why women take a lot of pride in wearing Anarkalis. Not only they prefer to wear such suits in parties, weddings etc. but also are preferring such suits for daily wear.

anarkali suits online

6. Because of the embroidery: The traditional Anarkali Suits are embellished with a very heavy and fine embroidery on the choli which is something women can’t resist. Oh, come on! Don’t we know how you drool over fine pieces of embroidery. This is something that stays common in every woman born till date. You might not prefer wearing heavy embroidery but still you can’t resist admiring such a piece of work. 😉

anarkali suits online

We have given 6 Reasons but all of us know there are more… why don’t you tell us why you love to wear Anarkali suits? We would love to listen from you.

Author: Brijraj

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  1. The Punjabi Salwar Kameez is a traditional dress worn by mainly people from north India. The traditional dress for ladies is beautiful and elegant yet comfortable to wear and carry.
    Available in a wide range of patterns and prints, they are a wonderful combination of tradition and style. Punjabi suits consist of the kurta which is tight fitting upper part of the combination along with a loose salwar. Salwar or shalwar is pleated which fall beautifully at the ankle. This is worn with a printed or plain dupatta. Traditional kurta is long, up to the knee with a wide circumference and full sleeves. These sophisticated yet trendy wear is suitable for all type of occasions, be it a wedding, party or a casual outing. Just wear a shalwar kameez combination with some matching jewellery and you are ready.

    The designs of shalwar kameez have gone through many changes depending upon the prevailing fashion trend, but the concept has a timeless appeal. The party wear Punjabi salwar kameez is available in material like georgette and crepe with beautiful embroidery or sequence designs. The vibrant colour combinations and the delicate fabric make it a favourite outfit for formal occasions. For casual outing, it is available in cotton or silk with trendy laces and different cuts. The kameez can be customised as per the demand of customers. Various neck designs like round neck, v-neck, square neck, boat neck, mandarins collar Punjabi kameez are available. The fitting and length can also be altered to a fit the customers.

    With the emerging trend of online shopping, Punjabi salwar kameez can be bought from any part of the world with just a click! Various sites display the complete ensemble with models wearing them. Other details like the type of fabric, the print or design and price are also displayed. In case, you do not want to buy the complete suit, you can also mix and match. The kameez and salwar are available separately, so that the customer can combine her own colour combination. The salwar kameez can also be altered before they are delivered to fit the customer perfectly.

    With this plethora of choice and innumerable combinations, the traditional Indian wear- the Punjabi Salwar Kameez will never go out of style. Designed for every occasion and every body type, every woman can carry this wonderfully. It can be worn with matching jewellery and accessories to complete the Indian look. The traditional wear has also been modified to several other designs like combining the kameez with a fitting churidar. The kameez can also be worn over trousers or boot-cut parallel salwar.

    Punjabi suit is a basic dress for the north Indian females. This is the identity of North Indian women community. The colourful and printed Dupattas add grace to the combination. Dupatta are also available in wide varieties, ranging from hand embroidered dupatta to block printed ones. The Shalwar kameez is the perfect blend of Indian tradition with grace and style. This is the reason why they have found place in women’s wardrobe not only in India, but over the world.

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  2. Very nice anarkali suits, thanks for sharing the blog.

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    • Hello Manish
      We’re glad that you liked our Anarkali suits designs as well as our blog post about their extreme fame. Keep reading our blog 🙂

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  3. Very nice article about our favorite anarkali suits. You have explained well how it is so popular. It is comfortable and easy to wear. more over you have given nice tips for to camouflage our physique by wearing this to look slim.

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