6 Tips to Choose a Right Saree as your Wedding Dress

Marriage is one of the most special days for a woman, and that’s why we want it to go perfectly – from the wedding dress to decorations, from food to photography, from music to dance, everything should be 100% perfect.  While this seems easy to say or imagine, this is as difficult to manage.

One of the biggest worries that sit on the bride to be is her wedding dress. She just wants to look perfect, and that is exactly what she deserves. But this requires a lot of planning. And today, we are for your rescue. The upcoming wedding season is going to put a lot of beautiful brides to be in stress, and we don’t want that.

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So, here is a compilation of how to choose a right wedding saree.

wedding dress idea: brijraj wear for the big fat indian wedding

  1. Plan: Yes, that is very important. But when should you start planning to get your wedding saree? The correct answer is at least 2-3 months before. You cannot just wait until the month you’re getting married in. Start going for window shopping and try to finalize your dress as early as possible.
  2. Decide the Budget: the word ‘plan’ seems to be very small, but it involves a lot of crucial steps. The first one of them is deciding the budget for your wedding saree. Discuss with your parents/in-laws (whoever is paying for the marriage dress) about the budget. You cannot start shopping unless you decide the budget.
  3. The fabric of the Wedding Dress: Though women worry more about the embroidery and designing part, this one is more important than that. What’s the use of embroidery that would make you look like a fat balloon? Don’t you want to look beautiful and as slim as possible? Choose the right fabric. Find out what kind of material would suit your body. Do you have allergies to some fabric? Make a list of all these before you set out to shop.
  4. The color of the Wedding Dress: Decide which color you want to wear? Would it suit your skin tone? Remember, if you have a dark complexion, opt for a darker shade. This must be followed even by the women who are a bit plump. Also, red and maroon are not the only colors that can be worn by an Indian Bride. Try to go for something different, if you’re comfortable with it
  5. Design: the heavier the design, the difficult it becomes to carry. Still, this is your personal choice. For this, you need to go for window shopping. Choose what kind of design you like and give a try to all those before finalizing one.
  6. Pay Attention to Blouse: Most women just forget about this very important staple. But you must not do that. Why? Because you are our reader and you ought to behave in a wise manner. Pay equal attention to the blouse of wedding dress. Make sure it fits you perfectly and goes with the wedding dress.

Lady, we are done with our list. Now it is your call – either follow these tips and make your wedding day less stressful or forget about us and feel the pain of a stressful wedding. What are you going for?

Author: Brijraj

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  1. These tips are common that everyone knows. Try to provide some tips and variety of ideas choosing a bridal saree.

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    • Hello Usha
      Thank you for your feedback. We’ll definitely work on some more ideas on choosing bridal sarees and post. Keep following our blog. 🙂

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