Why Buy Designer Kurtis By Brijraj?

We don’t do such posts. We don’t see the point in self-appraisal. That’s why we always stick to giving out tips on Indian ethnic wear. But recently, a lot of you asked us if we deal in designer kurtis. Yes, Brijraj recently launched designer kurtis and here are some reasons why you should prefer those to any other.

Designer Kurtis And What Make Them The Best

office wear kurtis for girls

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  1. Designer Kurtis direct from the manufacturers

You must know that we’re not retailers that buy from somewhere else and sell at higher rates on our online shopping website. We have a huge manufacturing unit in the Surat, and we sell these clothes. A lot of them are basic dresses. Some of them are designed by the most famous designers from the Bollywood, and we have those as we do collaborations with them to sell their designs. And then a lot of dresses are designed by our in-house designers, for example, Brijraj kurtis. The entire collection has been designed by one of our very talented designers and has been created keeping formalwear in mind.

2. Professional stitching

Good design isn’t everything. The stitching can make or break the dress. At Brijraj, we understand that and have got it covered. The stitching of Brijraj designer kurtis is done by trained professionals from NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology). It’s typically as good as any designer wear available anywhere in India. How can we say that?

Our team of advisers, which are women who solely wear designer clothes, vouch by it. What else can we do to be even more sure? Maybe you can try them yourself and see. If you are used to wearing designer clothes, you will see the difference very well. We have no questions asked return policy, so if you don’t like it, you can send them back and get a refund.

3. Excellent, sophisticated office wear designer kurtis

5 must have office wear kurtis for girls

Making an impression is even more important when you’re a young and powerful working woman. What you wear and how you carry yourself impacts a lot on what people think of you and how serious they take you. Being a leader and not expressing the same quality through your clothes would be a big fail. So, Brijraj designer kurtis help you be yourself and make an equally powerful impression on people as you do with your good work and intelligence.

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4. Top fabric quality

To be truthful, almost everybody claims that their material quality is the best. You will see either no return policies or return policies that don’t give you a refund. You get some reward points, and your money is always stuck with the vendor.

Think about it! If you hated their dress so much that you returned it, you are least likely to buy from them again. Isn’t it? Then why is there a policy which binds you to them?

It’s because they know it might happen. They know their quality isn’t top level and they don’t want to lose the money.

Brijraj, on the other hand, takes proud of the quality of clothes it serves. Therefore, we offer a no questions asked return policy with the full refund so that you never have to think of bad quality fabric or being stuck or possibility of any clever trick like that.

Those are the top 4 reasons why you must buy designer kurtis by Brijraj. What’s your opinion after reading all this? If you think of shopping right now, head to our shop brijraj.com and start shopping!

Author: Brijraj

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