How to look slim in full sleeves salwar kameez?

Salwar Kameez is one of the most popular dresses worn by Indian Women. In fact, due to the ease and comfort they provide, they are even more common than sarees. While women reserve sarees for special occasions, they fill up their wardrobe with salwar kameez for daily wear.

Obviously, if you’re picking up a dress to wear for like every day, you want it to look good on you. You would want the dress to enhance the beauty of your physique. Let’s put it in simple words! You want to look slim in full sleeves salwar kameez or any kind of salwar kameez you wear.

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In our previous article how to look thin in salwar kameez, we gave some practical and easy to implement tips to camouflage your look. But this article would be more focused on a special style of wearing salwar kameez i.e. when you wear full sleeves salwar kameez.

First of all, if you’re wearing a full sleeves salwar kameez, you must feel good about the choice you’ve made. Full sleeves make you look slimmer than you actually are. Good job! Now, we’re going to tell you how to look slim in full sleeves salwar kameez.

  1. Pick the right color of the sleeves: the sleeves with darker colors, especially black would help you look thin. The pastel shades and bright shades would attract too much attention towards your arms and also make them look flabby. So, make sure you pick dark colored sleeves.
    look slim in salwar kameez by brijraj

    Go for dark colored sleeves

  2. Choose the right print on sleeves: With the trend of prints, suits are coming with printed sleeves. Now, each kind of print has a different affect on how your body would look like. Small prints, prints with thin lines or dots help you look slim in full sleeves salwar kameez. The bigger prints like big or even medium sized polka dots or thick stripes make your arms look flabby.
    salwar kameez by brijraj

    Right print is the secret key to look slim!

  3. Go minimum with accessories around your arms and hands: If you’re reading this article, there are high chances that you have flabby arms. That directly means that you need to get the attention off your arms. Whenever you wear something, you must try to get the attention off the parts which you don’t think make you look good. Putting on accessories like bangles, bracelets or even rings would do the opposite. They would make people notice your arms and the overall look would highlight your flabby arms. So, avoid wearing accessories on arms and hands.
    look slim in salwar kameez

    No accessories are the best accessories!

  4. Don’t go for sheer fabric: Most of the salwar kameez and even anarkali suits come with sleeves that are made up of sheer or see through fabric. Such a fabric makes your arms look fat. Choose a light weight but thick enough fabric so that your arms can be shielded.
  5. Go for quarter length sleeves: Instead of full length sleeves that end at your waist or just near your hand, go for slightly shorter sleeves. This is because the part near your waist is usually thinner and if that is exposed, it will create an illusion of thin arms.
    Salwar Kameez by Brijraj

    Right length is important!

So, this is how to look slim in full sleeves salwar kameez. We hope this article was helpful to you. Do let us know if you liked this or if you want us to share tips on a specific topic.

Author: Brijraj

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