How To Wear Salwar Suits In Punjabi Style?

Do you like to wear salwar suits? They’re one of the most popular attire in the land of Punjab. And let’s accept it – Punjabis are everywhere. Thus, their traditional style can also be seen rocking the world with them.

If you’re a Punjabi woman, you may have been looking for tips on how to wear your awesome salwar suits in a perfect manner. If you’re the best friend of the Punjabis and want to try this attire for the first time, you can benefit from this post too.

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So ladies! Let us tell you some secrets to wear salwar suits in a perfect manner.

  1. Pick the type of Salwar

Indian celebrity dresses Brijraj salwar suits

First and foremost, decide what type of salwar you’re going to wear. There are several types and you must decide one for yourself. But we obviously have some tips.

If you’re a beginner, start with the traditional salwar. Check our post about types of salwars here and think of the ones that you like.

While picking salwars, you’ll also need our tips on how to look slim in salwar kameez. It’ll give you tips on which style will suit your body type and accentuate your figure.

2. Pick the length of the kameez

Tips To Choose Salwar Kameez For Tall Women

Next thing you need to figure out what the length of the kameez would be. The Punjabi style kameez is generally of two lengths –  upto the knees and a little above the knees. The style of wearing long kameez that go until the mid of your calves is outdated now. Let it be known to you.

The length will also depend on the type of salwar you choose. For example, if you pick a salwar with tight cuffs, go for a shorter length of the kameez and for normal cuffs, a normal length kameez (up to your knees) should be fine.

3. Pick the neck design

Latest trends in women ethnic wear embroidered suits

Punjabi women love to spend hours discussing the necklines with the tailors. They’re important. Go for a suit with a deeper back, if you’re comfortable with it. It looks gorgeous.

For front neck design, there are several option. The easiest to choose is simple round neck design. The oval shape, chinese collar, ban neck and v-neck designs are other popular designs.

We would suggest you to focus on what suits your body rather than what’s popular. Neck design truly changes the appeal of the entire outfit and it has to be right. For example, a round neck design may make your already fluffy neck even more thicker. Do you want that? If yes, go ahead else go for a design like V-neck. Do you get our point? If you have read the post on how to look slim in salwar kameez already, we are sure you got the point.

4. Length and design of sleeves

suits for girls trends - mirror work, floral designs

Sleeves are second most important design element in salwar suits. There are several types of sleeves designs and it will take you ages to learn about all the designs available. Lucky for you! Currently the long sleeves are most popular.

Long sleeves with embroidery over the sleeves look fabulous. If you want to go for shorter ones, go for umbrella cut sleeves. They’re our favorites.

We already told you which length is most popular with sleeves of salwar suits. If you don’t prefer long sleeves, go for quarter sleeves which are the second most popular in line.

5. Your hairstyle really matters

Tips To Choose Salwar Kameez For Tall Women

When you plan to wear salwar suits, be careful with your hair. Keeping them open is a good idea but if you want a true Punjaban look, do a braid and add a prandi to it. A bun also looks nice but a braid with a prandi has our heart (and typically every Punjabi’s heart).

Lastly, don’t forget to add some Punjabi jewellery like jhumkis and kadas.

There you go! That’s how you style yourself in Punjabi salwar suits. Did this help? If yes, comment below!

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