5 Tips To Wear Indian Outfits During Pregnancy

Do you need to wear Indian outfits during pregnancy? While you may feel cozy in your maternity maxi dresses, having an ethnic wear wardrobe truly helps.

If that’s the case with you, let us give you some tips to make better choices. Read carefully!

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Indian outfits during pregnancy

  1. Lehenga with long choli

For the big fat Indian wedding you need to attend while you’re pregnant, don’t think twice and pick up a lehenga with a long choli.

Lehenga choli is obviously a great outfit and you would have picked it up otherwise. But due to your baby bump, you may have skipped the idea to wear a lehenga. Don’t.

Long cholis are really popular these days and they look fabulous. They will give you a great coverage and make you look graceful and gorgeous. It may be possible that the usual lehenga you buy may not have enough fabric to make a long choli, but you can buy a piece separately for this purpose. It’ll also ensure that you can wear the lehenga even after you’re back in your original shape without needing any alterations in the choli.

2. Anarkali Suits

To be honest, these are the comfiest Indian outfits during pregnancy. The flowy fabric ensures that you are comfortable with your outfit and it’s truly important.

We always cringe when we see women wearing tight suits and getting uncomfortable. During preganacy, your focus should be on clothes that let you breathe and stay at ease.

Anarkali Suits due to their ability to go around your baby bump in a very stylish manner are perfect. Moreover, there won’t be much alterations you will need to make into such suits as compared to your regular size.

3. Gown Style Suit

Another great indian outfits during pregnancy are gown style suits. There are mostly like Anarkali dresses. The only difference is that they have a more western look. The ease and comfort is similar to that of an Anarkali.

4. Long Straight Suits

While we’re talking about suits, we should not let your forget the long straight suits. They’re perfect but only problem is with sizing. You will need to buy new fabrics and get them stitched so that the dress fits you perfectly.

The only problem with these is that not all women stay careful. We have seen pregnant women getting extremely uncomfortable in their tightly fit clothes. It’s a time when you need to be able to stay as comfortable as you can and not being in that state just because of ill-fitted clothes is a bad idea. So, stop worrying about fashion trends. Loose fit long straight suits work pretty fine and should help stay fashionable during your pregnancy.

5. Sarees with long blouses

It’s similar to what you can do with the lehenga cholis. Sarees with long blouses will be perfect. Just ensure the fitting is alright and you’re feeling great in the outfit.

There you go ladies! Pregnancy is the most cherishable time in a woman’s life and it should be as amazing as possible. Picking right Indian outfits during preganancy will help in that and we hope the post makes a difference for you. What do you think?

Author: Brijraj

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